Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adoption Bonuses: The Money Behind The Madness

In Massachusetts DSS and affiliates rewarded for breaking up families

By Nev Moore
Massachustts News

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Anonymous said...

I have recently been in contact with someone who used to work for DCYF in N.H.This person quit after watching all the injustices pulled on parent's in the reemoval of their children. In all the time he worked for them, not one child was reunited with their parent's.If DCYF takes a child in N.H., the child is never returned.I started thinking about all the parent's I've met whose children were taken. I don't know of one family where the children were returned.
I was also recently told there have not been any TPR's overturned by the N.H. Supreme Court. Not ever! Why would they return the child? The'd lose money. Adopting out these children pay's them more money.DCYF does not work for the best interest's of the child. They only look out for themselves and how much money they can make off them.

regjoeschmo said...

While most states dont give individual bonuses, Fla does have its own internal adoption incentive program. If you look at all the cases where there wsa no evidence of neglect or abuse, but CPS took the children anyways it makes one think....... When you hear about people who have heard certain supervisors talk about pushing adoptions through in such cold and dimeaning manners, it makes one wonder...... When the only reason you can find for them to do this is to keep thier budget alive you want to take action.

The only true way to find out is to expose the payouts and find the paper trail, but even with the FOIA they will not release such information..........

When they refuse to disprove this is happening it makes one suspicious.........

Anonymous said...

Ms. Roach, when I was 17 years old very briefly; CPS did take my sister from the elementary school she was attending on an emergency court order. I can assure you that this was definately not necessary. My parents are probably the last people on this earth that would lift a finger to hurt anyone in any way, shape or form. So, this was quite puzzling to me. Anyway, the family fought and today she is my sister and my best friend. Unfortunately, in Washington State this trauma happened again. I do come from a poor family; but not abusive. We did fight again but we could not overcome the trauma of when we had lost my sister many years ago. Anyway, we are family who has fought CPS because of their attitude and that really is all I can say. They simply believe that they are better people. My niece was forced into adoption after lingering many years in foster care. My nephew bonded with others and had been raised in an environment which received more support from the government than this taxpayer (biological aunt) and grandparent's. We simply pay taxes to strangers for abusing our rights to our own family.

Anonymous said...

It is Xmaseve, no longer a big deal here asmy grandchildren have been stolen from their mother and we are being denied custody.my geandchildren were dangled in front of me one at a time for an hour this past week in separate occaisions. My lawyer has filed custody papers, my daughter in anothe rstate incollaberating to stealthem and she will keep ine and the other will go to a nonrelative. this was being done behind my back. My daughter is 16 and wasreturned once it was learned i had a LAWYERnot apaid flunkie from DSS or DCF or whatever= Destroyers of Children and Families fits. I am beyond depressed which i am sure is what they were aiming for but I am not giving them the satisfaction of knowing what they have done to me I don't need them reveling in their ill gotten gain. This branch of the hitleristic government needs to be demolished and rebuilt with real people not hearltess drones who just have an eye on the prize stealing beautifuland young childrenof any color- in thiscase poor and white- to sell them to the highest bidder and be rewarded fo ti while the family goes up in smoke that they belong with to love and be protected by. We are fighting, it may cost me my house in the end but I hope not and that the judge will do the right thing in Feb. I raised my babies froin=m the day they came home from the hospitaland theirmother really has no claim on them since she only wanted them for the money anyway which she ggot and we didnt but i kept my grandbabies fed and clothed and healthy and they never needed or wanted anything. For the past 8 months they have been gonefrom me and I amslowly dying not having them with me. their one question to me is when are we coming home? there will be no decorations or celebrations in this house until my babies are home. the judge is agood guy, he told me blog all i want--just no names till the case is done I want to sue the ass off the state for what they are doing to these innocent kids. doesanyone have an idea how to introduce aballot question for voting on in the state?