Friday, December 19, 2008

Visions Of M&M's Danced In Their Heads ...(These Are Modern Grandkids)

Tonight, three young children are asleep at our house...finally :o)

We are snowed in. Our hill driveway is a sheet of ice. So, Jim met our son at the bottom of the hill and helped carry the kids ages 4,3, and 1 up to the cabin where we live.

When it snows...we just shut out the rest of the world. Our farm is good for that.

The kids took their warm coats off and gave us warm hugs. I hugged my son good-by as he went back down to his wife left warm in the car. We are babysitting.

I thank God, everyday, for my many blessings.


Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach
I am so happy for you that you can babysit your grandchildren, that you can have them for the holidays. Enjoy every facet of their growing and learning and be there to see the happiness on their faces on Christmas morning and the rest of the holidays. Not to mention day to day living.
I don't have that luxury.
cps took my grandchildren. Know what they want for Christmas???JUST to come home.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day, your time, your grandchildren, and being snowbound. Thank You Senator Roach for all you are doing! You are a role model! You have my full respect!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, Don't direct your anger at Sen. Roach. She is the ONE person in this system that is fighting for people in our shoes,and yes, I to have a grandchild lost in the system. If you want to direct the anger you have, do it towards the ones that kidnapped all our grandchildren. But don't make Sen Roach feel guilty because she has a "luxury", as you put it. She is blessed to have her grandchildren there with her, and she knows that, but did you notice she has taken much time to also address this issue as well while they are there? Rock on Pam....We all feel the love, support and empathy you have for all our families.You also understand the corrupt system. That is why you fight so hard. From one grandmother to another....THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,
I too, want to tell you that I'm truly happy you have your grandchildren with you, to love and cherish. There is nothing more wonderful than children to love and care for. We have lost our little 4 year old, who has been returned to his non-compliant and criminal parents who failed, for the past three years, to remedy any of the circumstances that caused them to lose him in the first place. But CPS (AND Cheryl Stephani, in a letter I received today) assure me that "many professionals reviewed his case and made recommendations regarding his placement." Gosh, that makes me feel so much better, as I lay awake at night, crying and wondering if his father is abusing him at this moment. If it weren't for good people like Pam Roach, I would have no hope at all. So I am thankful that there are grandmas out there loving their kids--that's as it should be. And when you're not babysitting, please keep up the pressure and the good work so that other grandmas & grandpas will never have to suffer as we are now.