Saturday, December 6, 2008

KING 5 TV To Air "Little Lisa's" Story On Tuesday, December 9, At 10 and 11 PM....Be Sure To Watch

King 5 reporter Suzanna Frame has been investigating the story of little "Lisa" and CPS for the last month. I am now able to tell you that it will be aired on Tuesday, Dec. 9th. Do not miss the show.
In this, the resigning Cheryl Stephani, Asst. DSHS Sec. over Children's Administration, has been professionally coached with her answers. Sorry, I didn't note what came first....the announcement of her early retirement... or the interview.

In this, the names of the individuals involved will be reveled.

In this, you may see the grandparents at their home. They were videoed in their cozy Enumclaw, WA home. They showed the cameraman the bedroom where their granddaughter had slept. The door has been closed. The room has been left untouched since their granddaughter was taken.

In this, I may even have a few words.

KING 5 is promoting the piece over the weekend so tune in and you may get a preview.

(Ans. to reader's comment. will post the story. I will try to link but haven't had much luck doing so in the past.PR)


Anonymous said...

I will be watching for this and holding my breath.
Please let King5 show CPS as they really are and what they are doing to little Lisa and the rest of the poor lost children in the state of Washington.
We need them exposed
Thank You Pam you have done so much already please continue for the children.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

You have people following this story across the nation who will not be able to view the story.

Can you please post it on here if the News cast puts it on their site, or you tube.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is a much needed airing. I do not think Stephanie could be all that preppable. After all she is walking out the door. I think that media is becomming more open to the harsh reality that CPS in its self causes more harm to children, when they could simply be left with their families. I hope the family has shared any kind of communication they have recieved that would clearly indicate retaliation for seeking outside help. These people do not like it when they are looked upon. And they really do not like it when their intimidation tactics fail. I cant wait to watch this one

Anonymous said...

For those that have been following the "Baby P" case in the United Kingdom..

I just returned from London this evening. All over the BBC headlines was the story that British Social Services is going to be seriously re-vamped.

I guess there are problems all over the world about this child stealing, family murdering entity.