Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Its A Circus And We're The Center Ring" In WA State Atheists Make Declare War, Not Peace, During On Religious Holidays

"Its a circus, and we are the center ring"
(Pam Roach, Seattle PI)

Atheists knew what they were doing when they used the new "Washington State Compact on Capitol Rotunda Displays" to spread holiday hate. They are getting what they wanted...a national debate (O'Reilly, etc.) and a preferred battle ground (liberal led WA). That is a great set up. But, it is a national debate and also a very creative one. Lots of people are weighing in.

So, in a matter of days war was declared, the placard of unbelievers was erected and then stolen. The sign was found hours later. The sinning thief (who apparently sleeps during sermons) deposited the sign in front of a country music station. Presumably, that was so KMPS host, Ichabod Kane, could lead a county line dance over it.

The state last year set policy to allow displays apparently without an implementation plan. But, even when atheist leaders on KING5 TV stated, "We are attacking religion," the government placed the missile, (note: two definitions and each works here,) an attack on all religions next to the already placed Nativity scene.

Our Capitol building has more than 400,000 square feet. That's a pretty big sandbox! Separate the displays! Right now they are 10 feet apart. And... establish a policy to include no insults to others. If your message can't stand on its own...without bashing others... then it should not meet the criteria for display. Take it outside, put it on a stake, and march it in the rain.

There is no way that any of us would want hate speech in the Capitol on Martin Luther King Day. We want free speech. We don't mind differring speech. But, we want hate speech outside. It is not allowed on the floor of the House or the Senate. Why should it be in the rotunda between the houses?

While Jews (Hanukkah), Christians (Christmas), and African Kwanzaa unite in at least the spirit of peace, kindness, and moral values this time of year...atheists lash out with hate speech. They will get no converts...and only solidify those of faith around their beliefs. Why would you want this kind of publicity around your failure?

In part, the atheist's sign read:
"There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell....Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds." (Do you think calling people stupid is inappropriate for the interior of our state's capitol?)

In any event, there will be a religious rally outside of the Capitol today at 2 PM. I am sure you will read about it.)

Monday note:over 1,000 attended


Anonymous said...

fantastic now if we could get that many people or more to hold a rally at the capital for all the stolen children being held by the CPS monster. Then maybe the press would pay attention to us as they have this outrage against all religion.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Roach,
Please post the date and time of any rally that is held on this web site. You have the support of many of your constituents. I will plan on running for office some day. I will ask for a review of every single case that has ever gone through CPS. When "foster and adoptive" people receive more support from the government than a taxpaying biological relative of a child who is in "foster care" this is what is destroying the economy. Thanks alot CPS for your devestation and destruction of the economy and yes I do blame CPS!