Monday, December 22, 2008

DSHS Head Robin Arnold-Williams Resigns

I liked DSHS Director Robin Arnold-Williams as a person. She came personally to my office when I had questions about how CPS treats relatives regarding placement issues. She always responded to my inquiries. (There weren't many. I catch on fast.) And, she was pleasant. But, as PRR correctly predicted...she was soon to be gone.

It is time for someone else to try to get control over an agency fraught with problems. Arnold-Williams came to WA four years ago to make changes. But, that is impossible unless you change the culture of DSHS. She did not do that.

There is still no accountability at DSHS. The mistake was in keeping the same core high-ups. We need new people...who want accountability...not the same old retreads who want to continue to hide from accountability and wield power just for the sake of it.

Arnold-Williams will take on the job of Director of Governor Gregoire's Executive Policy Office. I hope it will be the new policy to split DSHS into smaller parts for manageability. I hope there will be citizen over-sight for accountability. I hope the public will have input in helping the new directors. I hope there is a legislative over-sight committee because, sadly, there has not been enough of that.

Taxpayers should have more direct say in what this $2 billion dollar a biennium agency does with the directives the legislature gives it. DSHS needs to ask users, "How Am I Doing?"

Change is only good if it makes things better.


Anonymous said...

How about a policy of doing something!?And just how is it this agency can run at all if NOONE is in charge?Is this just a Social Worker dream come true or what.

Anonymous said...

I pray that all the things you just wrote will come to pass. It is long past time for change and the Governor
needs to see that is what the taxpayer wants. Please keep us posted and thank you for all your hard work. You will be remembered for your good works.

Elaine Wolcott-Ehrhardt said...

I also really like Robin Arnold Williams. Look what she had to work with. The impossible fix! With the Governor saying leave DSHS big. What is anyone to do. Oversight is the only option other than courts taking over this mess. In LA the courts took over foster care at one time and determined 50% of the kids in care never belonged there to begin with. Sponser a bill and let us know so we can help! We are so done with this crap! I am in for the long haul whatever it takes. Our state cannot afford all these lawsuits. The money we have paid out is an outrage. It is going to be far moreif we do not really make change happen.
Another thing we need to do is go to the Federal government and even the score for profit in keeping families together. Obama was raised by his Grandmother. That might be a help. All these kids in foster care could not possibly have absolutely not one family member to care for them.
Lets get up and kick some serious butt this year.
Elaine Wolcott-Ehrhardt
Washington Families United/President

Anonymous said...

So who the hell is in charge?

Anonymous said...

Good God look out!There is noone in the throne...A social workers wet dream.Someone save us please.


Whos wants Robins job?The only person worse is a child killer.They typically confess and give an explanation.CPS does not.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to do a job share with me? I have a degree....will that help? lol
The problem is the governor is building her executive base with CPS people. Why do I shudder and feel fear about that?
I might just apply for the job just for the fun of it.
So, Jan, what do you feel you can offer this agency? "Well, I think there would be some policy and procedures change......."
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families

Anonymous said...

If the Governor wants to keep it big(didn't I read once that she was a social worker before getting into politics?)and she has had all this lovely success then I don't see her putting anyone in there that will rock the boat maybe just some fluffy cover to make the people think things have changed. I believe you and King5 had them worried for a time but...Yes please sponsor a bill.