Friday, December 19, 2008

Letter From The Aunt In North Dakota Documents Failure Of CPS

The Aunt in North Dakota Writes:

Senator Roach,

I believe there needs to be a few names placed out there who helped cover a predetermined placement.

On March 20, 2008 North Dakota ICPC office signed and faxed an approved home study and background check to Washington State ICPC office. This was an ICPC and home study Washington requested themselves to allow my niece to be placed with family. The fax was sent to Maya Brown at ICPC in WA, Sharon Gilbert in Risk Management, and Carmina Chang, the social worker.

While the office has 14 days to approve this home study for placement, it was not until July that an email was sent to North Dakota stating termination was not granted in June for the purpose of reunification with the mother. It also stated there would be contact with North Dakota in December with the next hearing.

I know as a fact our social worker has not heard from anyone.

Yesterday, I called the Interstate Compact Administration for Placement of Children in Washington, D.C. While each person could not answer many of my questions, not a single person is understating any of this. They, themselves, will be making inquires on what has happened and how the law has been over looked for so long by so many.
We truly appreciate all the work you have done.
{signed by our three-years-old's aunt}

(Note: I too asked for WA to pursue this. I talked with the State Senator in ND in the aunt's legislative district and he was very helpful. I also met with the aunt...she flew to WA and came to my Olympia office. She and I and the rest of the family want to know why their relative child was not placed with family.)


Anonymous said...

Look at this actual quote from the Governor's website!

My fellow Washingtonians,

Thank you for your emails, letters and phone calls. I need to hear what’s going well across our state, and what needs improvement.

Some of the best ideas I’ve heard for improving our economy, education system and health care don’t come from Legislators or lobbyists; they come from Washingtonians like you.

Please let me know if there is anything my office can do to assist you as you work with state government. My staff and I are here to help you.”

What!?!It should read,"Please contact me about what I should help bury!Any and everything brought to my attention will be immediately covered up."

Anonymous said...

I wish I had made this comment, Im thinking about forwarding to Gov herself, she may want to change her homepage quote!

Anonymous said...

Why don't we all go to that website and make our pleas for little lisa?

I'll check it out to see if there is a link that can be put here.

CC Tillett said...

This is a link I promised to find.

It is from "National Social Workers Association" about insurance coverage for litigation..Interesting

Anonymous said...

I would find it to be not only cold and shameful to terminate hours from Christmas,but also strange and unethical.This case has been on the news and if you google it,theres 9 pages of "Grandparents passed over in favor of foster care".There is NO way this Judge missed it or didn't hear about it over the tainted water cooler.