Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pam Roach On Bill O'Reilly FOX News Tonight (Friday)...

Roach On The O'Reilly Factor,"No Spin Zone" FOX News, Friday, December 5th.

Bill O'Reilly's producer called this morning and asked if I would be interviewed by America's #1 TV news commentator. Share a camera and mic with Bill? You bet!

I will attend a couple of Senate hearings in Olympia and then be picked up in a town car and taken to the studio in Seattle. I will give a full report to PRR Readers (to include my grand kids who should know what I do for fun)!

It's all in the eyes of the beholder and ear of the listener.

With my college degree I one time found myself working at the post office as a window clerk. The supervisor, Marilyn B., liked to give window clerk, Stephannie, a bad time. When I showed up Stephanie was really glad to see me because Marilyn liked giving me a bad time instead!

Marilyn didn't like a thing I did. Nothing would satisfy her. My cash drawer would justify better than anyone else's. I pressed my blue postal uniform (some didn't) to look nice. I was very nice to her (she was the supervisor, remember). She was on my back all the time. (I think this was when I joined the union and eventually became a steward!) But, what took the cake was when she complained about my voice!!! She complained it was too high!!!

Several years later I had to laugh at that because I had been hired by KIRO as a radio commentator...voice and all. Someone was actually paying me to talk! Life can be fun in the come arounds.

I love free speech. And, since you have been wondering, that will be the topic on O'Reilly's Factor


Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!Give them an earfull and never hold back.You have become a voice for so many of us and we support you.Good luck and have fun.

CC Tillett said...

Dear Ms. Roach,

I am smiling as I say to you..


Let us know when it will be aired.

CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

I definetly won't miss this one. Way to go! Bet I know what its about! Happy Holidays as some must say. I myself choose Merry Christmas! Have a blast and break a leg!

Anonymous said...

Told ya! I have my eye on the ball always! Great showing. You did great. They picked you because you are a real American. Way to Go!!!I am very proud to have you as a Senator representing the people of Washington.