Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday Night, KING 5, "Foster Home Over Family Home?" An Investigative Report


Doug and Anne Marie Stuth, my wonderful Enumclaw, WA constituents who have been going through hell at the hands of CPS, are the subject couple in the Tuesday night KING5 TV airing of "Foster Home Over Family Home?"

It will air during the 10 o'clock (Channel 16 KONG) and 11 PM (KING 5)News.

Investigative reporter, Suzanna Frame, has been working on the story for about a month. She and a cameraman were here at the farm several weeks ago. She spent a couple of hours with the ombudsman (the person who would not demand a copy of the altered email regarding the child's black eye).There was so much to tell them.

This is a must see for all who have been following this blog. This is the kind of story that could end up on national news.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for this!Maybe with this light being shed on information,there will be a change.

Anonymous said...

This needs to be a national story,with the lies,taking Lisa from her mom ,taking from grandparents and keeping aunt and uncle away.People need to see this up close and personal.It can be anyone and some jobs need to be taken.

Anonymous said...

I am so appreciative of King 5 running this story. Here is the problem though, DSHS will not budge - why, because the family said that they support reunification with the now 18 year old. Those are disqualifying words and I am willing to put a wager on it. Stephani doesn't need to wait till the end of December to leave. I strongly support her exiting now and giving us all a Christmas present.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

Just watched the report...Pam they did'nt even let you speak!
Steponme was allowed to say more.
I am glad Ms Frame did the report but, do not believe it will convince anyone what monsters CPS really are. It came across that they were just doing all this in the best interest of the child BULL!
To the grandparents I feel so bad for you but, when grandma said one family no its thousands of families
yours just got some attention and CPS hates that.
Continue to fight they hate that also.

Anonymous said...

I think the most important part that was left out is how the baby is gaining less weight now since she has been in foster care, than the original weight loss that put her in foster care.

There are reasons that the TV station couldn't report as deeply as we would like; overall it is very good with deep undercurrents to push for the child to be with the grandparents. And it was left open, to do additional reports-

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I am hoping that you have been monitoring the comments on King5's story. 11 pages and 111 comments.