Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arnold-Williams In Wonderland...Off With Our DSHS Head ?

Who the heck painted those white roses red? "Off with her head!"*

The queen may have pulled up the blade on the state's just used but often rusty guillotine.

DSHS Robin Arnold-Williams is reportedly on the platform.

Current DSHS head Robin Arnold Williams was summoned from the State of Utah a few years ago to pull our social service industry into line. I contend that the system is too large, too unwieldy, and needs to be broken into smaller pieces to make that happen. We also need to open CPS up to public scrutiny.

But, it looks like Arnold-Williams tried to paint a picture that didn't exist. For years Children's Administration has been without accreditation (out of compliance). Everyone has known that and good citizens around the state suffered because of it. Instead of fixing the problems they hired spin doctors to paint a different view.

The National Council on Accreditation in a letter dated February 15, 2008 to DSHS (That was right at the time I first met with Little Lisa's frantic family.) it states:

"When we met on December 7, 2007, I (President & CEO Richard Klarberg)requested that the department confirm in writing that it is committed to implementing all of the required standards and submit a proposed specific time frame for the implementation. This request was reiterated in a December 24, 2007 email to you and in our telephone conversation of January 9, 2008.

To date, we have not received any communication addressing our request.

Should the Department seek to have the accreditation process reinstated, it should send CAO a written request accompanied by a schedule detailing proposed dates for the implementation of the above referenced standards. If the request and schedule are not received by February 29, 2008, the Department will be deemed to have withdrawn from the accreditation process....While we regret having to take this action, we know that it is appropriate and in the best interests of the vulnerable children, individuals and families in the state of Washington."

The letter also states, "The Department's application for accreditation dates back to September 2001. In the years since, progress has been made by many of the regional offices {obviously not Region 5...ed.} There remain, however, a significant number of foundational standards relating to stakeholder health and safety that have not been implemented, including but not limited to timely visits to foster homes; caseload size (if they followed the law of "families first' they wouldn't have the caseload size...ed.};staff credentials;adequate kinship home studies (or ignoring the ones they have? ed.);stakeholder participation in the CQI process;and risk management reviews. Moreover, the Department has failed to adopt policies relative to the implementation of these standards."


(Asst. Sec. Steponme's to whom this letter was addressed, was forced to step down effective Dec. 31st. Arnold-Williams is/was her boss.)

*Alice In Wonderland (Readers of PRR...surely you aren't too old to remember :o)!)


Anonymous said...

When Arnold-Williams is taken out of her position,I think things will change.SHE holds noone accountable and needs to be thrown from her pampered life into a "therepudic" daycare or foster home to see just what she has done.She shouldn't be too far behind Steponme."Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya" should be parting words from foster children all over the state because it sure is what the families think!

Anonymous said...

Is/was her boss? Do you know something we don't? If both of those two are gone who is there taking over? The Gov? How many calls would she like on cases like this? Can this in any way affect this case with little Lisa? Does this have to do with the corruption in at DSHS in Wa? How many others will be let go during this "cleaning" session? My best to little Lisa and her Mother, stay strong both of you,and may God Bless you both and keep you safe! You are both always on my mind.

Anonymous said...

Why has the Gov ALLOWED this to happen for so long and do NOTHING! And to commend her, what a slap in the face for all the innocent victims and their families. The only job they have proven they can preform is failure. I hope someone on the inside can step up and bring to light the things they have been allowed to cover. Someone has to have a heart! How do you people sleep at night? I would assume it's with one eye open.

Anonymous said...

HEAD....cause she doesn't have a heart!

Anonymous said...

The Bremerton office still has the accreditation plaque hanging on their wall. It is hard to believe they ever honestly complied with the requirements required to be accredited. Note honestly is mentioned. Considering the Robinson kids had slipped through their cracks as they would say to minimize there failures during that time. My own kids were living in alleys and eating out of dumpsters also at that time[great parents the state makes]. Tons of crack slipping went on during that time in region 5. I guess they forgot to include those in there progress reports to the COA. Maybe we will get lucky and get someone in Stepanies place that has the balls to do what is right. and if they are forbidden to be honest have the balls to inform the Public of what really goes on . Dreams.

Anonymous said...

Heres another disgrace at the hands of DSHS.This little girl was beaten into a coma by mothers boyfriend,yet CPS didn't take the child when recieving reports of abuse.

Anonymous said...

I am reading an interesting essay on CPS. Apparently, things are much worse than what the public sees on paper. From 1997 to 2002, 29 children are listed as having died in CPS care. The "real" count is 107. This essay provides some telling information about the organization, but the fact that when confronted with their sloppy work, they blamed the legislature and judiciary. This is important information, because it would appear to me that the shifted blame has caused an overreaction and needs to be brought into balance. Here is the article:
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families