Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Comments And Upcoming Events


Today, I want to just make a few comments.

First, let me thank so many of you who have been commenting on the blog. I do not know how to edit for length so some do not get printed because they are too long. Others are great comments but because I can not edit the entry I can not take out "that one comment" that goes over the boundaries of this blog.

I do not want a lot of anger in the blog. I am angry about what is going on in this unaccountable monolith agency, but anger gets in the way of the work that needs to be done to correct things. Many of the readers are angry. Relatives from all over the country are what I call "righteously indignant." And, there are a few really nasty comments that I have gotten from CPS defenders which I hope to get to soon. They are particularly angry. They always have the upper hand and don't like truth. No agency of government is always right. (That's why we have watch-dog government!)

KING5 COMMENTS...they are up to over 150 now. It is turning into a nasty debate. I would suggest short comments. I would suggest facts rather than nasty stuff.

Someone has commented to me that they didn't think I was the author of another blog on this case. That is correct. I have seen the other blog once. Strangely, Judge Schaffer has blamed the alternative blog on little Lisa's mother. The blog was a reason for sending the case back to Judge Ronald Kessler for termination. Some lying rat in CPS (oops...there goes my anger!) must have told Judge Schaffer that the mother writes the alternative blog. She does not. And, just like I don't have the temperament or the time to do something like that...I suspect Lisa's mother does not have the skills. Neither has anyone in the family written the alternative blog. I am appalled that a court would use a blog as reason to terminate parental rights. Good much for free speech!

KING5 has some more interest in the story.

A doctor has released medical information about little Lisa that will alarm everyone.

A rally in Olympia will be planned in support of families first law.

And, finally, today I will buy a Christmas present for my husband to give to me. :o)
It will broadcast in the 20 meter band and will be my hand held starter ham set.

Best wishes to you all. And, I mean that for the DSHS workers too. I mean that for the hundreds of good foster workers who we need to help truly abused kids. I want us to work together to right this system that has gone wrong. To do that...we need to open up CPS to review. Nothing to hid? Nothing to fear.


Anonymous said...

I agree it takes calm thinking to produce results. Having said that, it is understandable for those who have been assaulted and destroyed by an agency that exists purely for greed not "in the best interest of the children" and are reined in by no one, it is very hard not to let the anger show. But with such defenders as yourself we can all take a lesson on how a battle is waged. You have our full support and prayers. Thank You so much Pam for being there for us.

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,

Message more nasties in response to King5's blog.Just facts.

Sometimes it is just to irristible not to.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there are to many anger filled comments. We are all mad as hell but, holding anger in your heart will eventually kill either your ability to help anyone or anything or it will destroy your every waking moment. I know how this feels I have lived it every minute of every day for the past seven years. I somehow have been lucky enough to have the skill of using anger as a tool.
Through this I am greatful for the first little boy I assisted in getting returned with great success. Everytime I see those big blue eyes while out and about. I have a warm feeling come over me.
I have made a difference that I never imagined my heartache and anger would be the reason.
It was not easy since I was dealing with some of the most dishonest people I have ever seen, DSHS.
The problem they ran into is liars do not remember all their lies. Bingo I had found one that lied to the top in Olympia. That pissed her off. I recieved a call saying " Can you believe that SW lied to me!" My response was now you know who we are dealing with. Things changed within a month. After two long years. There was a rapid transition home.
My point is through every hurt in life we can make something better for someone else if we focus on what we can do to change things.

This is the hardest part of the year for all that have lost a child to this monster industry. My Blessings to all of you. If we stick together we can do things we never thought possible.
Merry Christmas To all of you.

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,

Ok..I have fallen for the bait..Now when is it due to be released..the medical stuff from the Dr.

Please don't keep us waiting.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Roach. Thank you for doing your best to fight for biological families. Especially for those families who needlessly have lost a relative to a stranger. It is criminal behavior to simply give a stranger the benefit of the doubt to raise somebody else's baby or child.

Anonymous said...

Today at my church was message was how Jesus was the light of the world; That the Christmas Story really starts in Genesis. There was nothing, and then there was light.

How imporant it is to shed light on what is happening to Lisa and her mom and grandparents.

To go even further to shed light on the child protection human trafficking industry- which is truly what it is.

May God bless all those who take the risk to expose the lies that are tearing Americas families apart.

Anonymous said...

"A doctor has released medical information about little Lisa that will alarm everyone."

Oh, my God. I think I am going to throw up.