Monday, December 1, 2008

CPS Head Cheryl Steponme Preps For Press Interview At Taxpayer Expense

Could it be true?

Apparently, Cheryl Steponme, CPS honcho is being called into action. She must publicly represent the department in an upcoming interview over the case of little Lisa. It will be a public airing of the issue.

She is being professionally "prepared" to answer questions she expects to get. The prep is paid for by the taxpayers.

Let me guess.

Thomas Shapley, former editorialist for the Seattle Post Intelligence, is formulating questions he would ask from an adversarial point of view. Then he will tell her the answers to give that will make the department look good. (This will take a lot of coaching!!! But, then, he doesn't have much else to do until the next child dies or is maimed and he has to go into action...not even then as I bet he has HIS responses all prepared in advance too.)

As reported earlier in PRR, Shapley, the former ultra-liberal PI editor retired from that paper and was hired at nearly $100,000 a year to work as a press consultant and spin doctor for the department. He was first noticed by me as he was quoted in the story about an 11 year-old girl who after seeking asylum from her parents was sent back to them. The parents imprisoned her and were starving her. She was found at 14 weighing 47 pounds. Shapley made it seem like just a small oversight.

Shapley prepared and sent out a few, "It's really no big deal," sound bites to his former colleagues in the press. It is really unconscionable how fast that story went away. Good job, Thomas.

When I was running for reelection in 2006 I had not received an endorsement interview request from the PI. I thought maybe I had missed the interview and if you miss...they don't reschedule. I always like going in to the papers because I have so many accomplishments to talk about and because I am excited about serving my district. I go the extra mile in trying to help people.

I called Shapley to find out when my interview was to be held. "Oh, Pam," he said. "We never endorse you so we thought we would just save the time!" In other words...we'll just endorse your liberal opponent without even talking to you.

So, Shapley and Steponme are prepping for the interview like Obama and McCain were prepped for their debates.

I absolutely abhor government when it works like this to hide the truth from people.
All of these people are making over $100,000 a year and for some people...that will buy a lot of conscience.


one315er said...

I hope THEY read this.I'm going to down step what I would like to say. If it's a public interview,why not let the public do the interview.Why not have mom and gramma,granpa have a debate with this women.Because CPS has screwed up to many times,they are having a harder time crawling out of thier hole.Yet,they would rather cover thier own ------.While they continue to let more children be abused and die.All because of some stupid law Clinton put in place,that pays these people money for each child they steal.As I have said before,this is why people open fire on bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

It is a pretty sad state of affairs for anyone to even think of saving face at the expense of a child. I really think we all should call for a press conference concerning Lisa and all of the other kids in her position. We do not need coaches we have first hand knowledge. We have lived the terror inflicted on these kids and families. At the hands of this industry that suposedly protects kids and helps families. It must be pretty hard to sleep or look in the mirror when they aid in the abuses and deaths of these kids for money. Sounds kind of like Mafia hits to me. They seek them out, line them up, torture them emotionally, then shoot them with the civil equivalent to the death penalty. This is so wrong

Anonymous said...

All her coaching will amount to is "Im sorry,I can't comment" or "Its just complicated" or " I'm unsure of the details" I just can't wait to see what she messes up on because I hear she is VERY nervous.Liars can't go long without screwing up.Good luck making this case look good and covering up relative placement.

Anonymous said...

Good luck trying to hide this case! The case with little Lisa is so well and heavily documented that there are people in their own department that are heavily questioning their actions. For gods sake, the first social worker was caught lying in termination trial! Again, bashing on the grandparents! So what else have they lied about? They have already proven that they lie! Any thing they can do to discredit the family and keep that child in foster care. If they can convince the judge, thats all they need. Who cares about the truth!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found a way to fill the Judge in on all counts of perjury and withholdng of information as of yet?This Judge seems to be fair on other hearings and should be given the whole story even if it is the states trial for TPR.Have the grandparents and aunt and uncle been put on a witness list as of yet?Or the homestudies submitted in case of termination.This is a disgrace!