Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KING 5 Exposes CPS Wrong Doings

Exposing Lies Is An Important Element To Finding The Truth

It was absolutely damning to CPS to have Suzanna Frame of Seattle's KING 5 expose the lies that they tell. King 5 Investigates

CPS says that Doug and Anne Marie Stuth (grandparents) were not financially supporting their daughter and grand-daughter. Then KING 5 showed the check stubs of the hundreds of dollars the couple spent to help. CPS had said the Stuths had made no effort to see their daughter and grand-daughter.... Then the camera showed the log which was taken and the state's very own reimbursement records to the Stuths for their travel to the many visits!

Outgoing CPS Asst. Secretary Cheryl Steponme actually looked into the camera and instead of addressing this case she side-stepped the issue to just say there are many people who really care. (Nice coaching by $100,000 a year former P.I.editor Thomas Shapley who was hired to help cover the tracks and divert efforts at getting the truth.)
Favorite quote:
"I have never seen people so hell-bent on destroying one family."
Anne Marie Stuth

Favorite scene: Little grand-daughter with the biggest grin you can imagine greeting her grandma and papa. (Those things aren't staged!)

Ardent hope: That the judges saw this piece...because God knows they will not have any understanding of the truth by way of CPS.

Hopefully, this story will make the national press. It is fitting that WA CPS be held up to the national light. The same state that will not separate an atheist sign from a nativity "hell-bent" on separating a family. Is nothing sacred?


Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace to all involved.The little girl needs to be brought back home NOW!This really needs to sent on to National news so everyone may see it.I hope the Judge has a heart and sees what has truly happened here.A mother cast aside,a child dropped where DSHS sees fit ,total destruction of a family.Jobs need to be taken and jail time for the child traffikers.For the "high ranking" person who sent the email about a having a good reason if she isn't place with family,find the whistleblower number and call may be this childs only hope for help.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece of footage.... They really are such loving and caring Grandparents. I work closely with the Grandpa. King 5 should do a follow up to this segment. Showing - That the state continues to move to Terminate rights and turn and leave the child to the Foster/Adopt person. I wish DSHS would return this little girl to their family placement. From a caring friend in Enumclaw !

Anonymous said...

Perjury is a crime in your state isn't it? The social workers who lied on the stand need to be taken before the grand jury and indicted immediately. If there is a statute of limitations- it needs to be done before it runs out.

I care said...

I care,
What is happening to the Suths and their grandaughter is criminal. I hope the courts put the child first and not their own arrogant attidudes. CPS is NOT above the law and it is about time someone hold them accountable, their are other good people like the Stuths that should get their children back from the money grubbing monsters at CPS, Shame on all of you, put this child at home for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Great coverage. King 5 needs to follow up to be effective on this case. My Blessings to the Stuths. And most of all my Prayers for this sweet little girl. The genuine love in her eyes and her reaction seeing Grandma and PaPa tells it all. This is definetly one of many babies that need to go home Now!

Anonymous said...

Perjury is a crime in your state isn't it? The social workers who lied on the stand need to be taken before the grand jury and indicted immediately. If there is a statute of limitations- it needs to be done before it runs out.

I think this is a good idea. Any idea how one takes social workers before a grand jury because I don't have a clue but am very, very interested.
Jan Smith

Lawdoll said...

I wish we had Senators like you in North Carolina. I have contacted a couple of the Senators here, State Reps, and even the Governor, Mike Easley. I have sent them copies of the document forged by the Social Worker and even though she has been arrested for Felony Obstruction of Justice in regards to our case, they still will not conduct and investigation into the Wilkes County Department of Social Services illegal and unethical behavior. They all pass the buck and say that DSS is not their responsiblity, well who's responsibilty are they, someone has to be in charge of checks and balances on them. Children are dying across the nation because of this corrupt DSS system and still valid complaints about them are ignored by the very people who's job it is to ensure that they do thier jobs. We need better laws, we need accountability for DSS when they break the law and behave in this manner. I applaud you for what you are doing, I only wish we had more like you in all states.

My story is on my blog as well as pictures of the documentation that I have against them. The forged document is on there also. My blogs are or

Keep up the Good Work....

Anonymous said...

I thought that social workers were protected from any wrong doing here? Could not be held accountable for anything they lied about? It really would be great to catch them in the act and punish them I'd like to know the answer to that one too.

Lawdoll said...

The immunity law only covers them if they do their job they way that are supposed to...they are not covered if they behave in an unethical or illegal manner, ie, Lying, forging documents, falsifying records, committing perjury. Social Workers, their supervisors, the Director of local departments and the State Department of DSS can be held accountable in cases like these. There are priciple, agent relationships between them and if one of them breaks the law and those over them fail to fix the problem or cover it up, they are responsible for that behavior as well.

Lawdoll said...

Jan Smith: I know if you can prove the wrong doing with actual documentation you can actually have a social worker arrested. We managed to have the social worker who was assigned to our report of child abuse arrested for Felony Obstruction of Justice for forging my husbands name to a safety assessment that NEVER occurred. What it really takes is a detective and DA with guts, who thinks if you break the law you should be prosecuted no matter who you are. Now if we could just get them to investigate the entire department for their illegal and unethical behavior, but unfortunately, even with documented proof of wrong doing, no one wants to go after supervisors and the Director. Visit my blog for the full story.

Anonymous said...
Perjury is a crime in your state isn't it? The social workers who lied on the stand need to be taken before the grand jury and indicted immediately. If there is a statute of limitations- it needs to be done before it runs out.

I think this is a good idea. Any idea how one takes social workers before a grand jury because I don't have a clue but am very, very interested.
Jan Smith

December 11, 2008 6:29 AM

Anonymous said...

Social workers can be sued in their individual capacity..most of them have some kind of job insurance. I knew what it was called..but have since forgotten..the info is out there.

In my current job, falsification of records is a firing offense.

With DSHS, a person can file whatever they want on a dependency long as you have the case number..Remember to keep copies for yourself,Give everyone copies of the stamped,dated and received
documents. Attorneys,AGG's, CASA,Socialworkers..and keep a copy for your records.

They will not like it much and get ready for retaliation.

The truth shall set you free

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,
Iam curious,has there been any progress since the airing on King 5?Now would be a great time to rectify what they hae done to her and return her to family.The news clip was amazing and got alot of points across and you can tell by the ombudsmans comment,she doen't agree.I hope she will be given more power at some point soon.
It has grabbed the attention of so many.
If they have publicity like this,one would think that others would become involved.A quick google brings the clip up in about 20 different groups and forums.Do you think this is going to be national as I hope it will?
Laws need to change and all our families appreciate you speaking out has you have.Maybe you have found your calling in this area.
You have given us hope,while others have crushed it.Merry Christmas to you.

rolling thunder said...

To the Honorable Senator Roach,

You have my utmost respect. To you and Washington State Senator Stevens in the 39th District….Keep up the good fight.

About the topic of suing caseworkers in their individual capacity… a link exists to the recent Western Washington U.S. District court’s decision in the Tamas case (multi- million $$$ lawsuit against Wa. State on behalf of (3) foster children) that the nine social workers involved can indeed be sued individually for violating the civil rights of the foster girls.

I’m no legal expert…. The decision breaks down the legal standards for acting with “absolute immunity”, which the state workers in this case failed to meet. Apparently the actions of the workers are under “qualified”, not “absolute immunity”, based upon their ability to make discretionary decisions and recommendations concerning child placements.

Please cut and paste

Chris said...

I care: Why hasn't this child been brought home yet? Are the people in all of the involved agencies that arrogant? The right thing to do NOW is to put this baby back with the Stuths


frustrated said...

I have a mentally ill teenager who was adopted out of the foster care system. “Missy” experienced abuse and neglect as well as many moves/placements prior to joining our family at age 5. She is currently in foster care due to her numerous false allegations of physical abuse which have been unfounded/inconclusive.

Living with a child who has mental health issues has been very hard on the whole family. As “Missy” grew older it became very verbally abusive and getting more physical as she gets older. It was increasingly difficult to provide her with the supervision she needs to be safe. She would lie and steal from us and refuse to accept any consequences for her behavior. She resents parental authority and believes she has a right to do whatever she wants. When she doesn’t get her way she rages and has been physical with me and her siblings. When her behavior escalated out of control we had to call 911.

Over the last several years we enlisted the help of many specialists and therapists ~ out patent services were not helping. We started looking into residential therapeutic programs. I worked with adoption support and state services for over two years trying to get her the help she desperately needs. I took her to private specialist to have evaluations ~ which the state did not recognize. We were told that we must go through all the offered state services, Family preservation, Wrap services etc before they would consider helping us to get her into a residential therapeutic program. We did all that was asked of us. Mean while “Missy” received an education on her rights as a child over the age of 13 in our state and how to achieve her goals by working the system.

“Missy” thinks the answer to her problems is to go into foster care ~ She even talked to several workers trying to achieve her goal and it was explained that she does not meet the criteria for foster care placement. *It was also explained to her what does meet the criteria “Missy’s” main focus was to be placed outside our family. She believed she would be able to “do what she wants” She is now a teenager but emotionally is only about eight years old according to a neurological psychological evaluation done by a specialist that is very respected and works with Children’s hospital.

After her numerous false allegations, CPS investigations and the loss of my job due to her accusations we had no choice but to place her in foster care. Its not safe to have her in our home. Its not in the best interest of the family or the safety of the other children to have her in our home. We told the state that she cant live with us until she gets help.

In the last six months we have spent over ten thousand dollars on attorney fees just to clear our names. We have been bullied by the department when we tried to advocate for services for our daughter ~ they even told our attorney that if we did not back off they would question our stability and the safety of our other children. Our daughter ~ who now refuses treatment, is in a “Therapeutic foster home” with a couple who is new to foster care and doesn’t know the first thing about her mental health issues and are actually exasperating her problems by feeling sorry for her, giving in to her demands, ignoring/rewarding bad behavior ~ if they don’t they deal with her wrath. In the end she “won” she is doing exactly what she wants which is not in her best interest at all.

It’s a very sad story. The state is just putting a band aid on the problem, waiting for her to age out. The system could have helped support our efforts to give this child the tools she needs to be successful but they chose to undermine us at every turn. They treated us like criminals causing us emotionally and financially. In the end everyone looses especially the child we tried to help. The system failed this one.