Monday, December 22, 2008

We Are Out Of Milk And Snowed IN...How can I have my hot Christmas cocoa???

Hot Christmas Cocoa

2 heaping teaspoons of Nestle's Cocoa (I can spell that right because I remember the jingle)
1 cup of 2% milk (less than 2% just doesn't get it)
microwave in a Christmas cup for 1 minute
hang a small candy cane over the lip

I should have seen the emergency coming. Everyone who came to the door during this unusual snowing of the holiday got offered a cup of this fabulous comfort drink.
How was I to know that I would run out of milk? We cope. Jim dug out the powdered stuff and mixed it up. I took what was left of the good stuff and selfishly and quietly put it outside the door into nature's refrigerator. Thank goodness. It looks like we will make it until tomorrow's trip to the store. We will put on our boots and somehow make it to the truck down on the field and off our hill.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Pam.Enjoy your days at home!