Friday, December 26, 2008

Seattle's KING 5 Story, "Foster Parent Over Grandparents?" Has Huge Following

I want to again thank Suzanna Frame and her producers at KING 5 for the program aired two weeks ago. Suzanna is particularly meticulous in researching and tenacious in reporting. The following link is a must:


Anonymous said...

Very strange wording from a "kind of relative" if you ask me.Seems like she has more to tell.Not really a defense for someone who is innocent.

Anonymous said...

Has it only been two weeks? If it seems longer to me then how much more so it must seem for the family.
thank-you so much for the follow up.
The foster Mom in this case needs to step up, if she loves this little girl she should be able to see that family is the best place for her. I imagine if she stated she is no longer willing to be a permanent placement it would take any bite out of the plan that's in place.
this would be difficult but it would also free her up to give the love she has to another child, maybe one who really needs her and doesn't have a loving and capable family to care for her or him.
Just my thought for the day.

Anonymous said...

With Arnold-Williams promotion and Stephani's departure at nearly the same time seems they are getting out so they can't be blamed if the castle crumbles. Has there been any speculation as to who will replace them? Or are they waiting to see if the tide will stay in their favor.