Friday, December 19, 2008

Russians In Cuba...Is This Obama's First Test?

As the Russian warship heads for Cuba one has to wonder. Is this what Joe Biden predicted (or precipitated)? Is this Obama's first test?

Obama said he would close Gitmo during the campaign but many think he will go slow with the advice of aides.

One of the doctors I work with in Honduras got her medical degree in Cuba. After the free schooling she was obligated to stay and work for a few years. She made $15 a month. It was barely enough to exist. Her apartment was a one room 10' x 12' walk up.

Whatever is on that ship will be welcomed by the Cubans. Food, fresh water, shoes....

The doctor ate bread in Cuba. Bread is cheaper than tortillas.

There are no U.S. ships bearing gifts for Cubans. Obama was criticized when during the campaign he said he would open talks with the Cuban officials. If he is going to let the Russian ship (and others) dock in Cuba then he had better know that he will have undermined U.S. strategy that has been in place since Che and Fidel. Is this the first unofficial act of his change foreign policy in one of the world's five communist nations...without firing a word?

The doctor married a colleague and the two of them lived in the little place. But..they did have $30 a month. They wanted freedom over anything else. My friend left for her homeland. Her husband could not follow. In Honduras she is the only one at the table that eats bread.


Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,
I know there are other issues but any updates on the Stuths? The last we heard they were pushing for termination today. Were the courts open? Do we know what happened. I have been praying for them all weekend.

Anonymous said...

The snow came and the court hearing was canceled. See? Your prayers worked!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

I agree with you that Obama's administration is going to be a wreck and that communism is the worst form of government. However, I don't think we have any right to interfere with other countries' trade relations. We should keep a close eye on them for sure. But it would be antagonistic and increase our chances of getting attacked if we interfered with their trade policies. Force should only be used in opposition to force.