Friday, December 19, 2008

Court Appointed Special Advocates Are Not All The Good People They Are Supposed To Be

When the Stuth's first came to my office in February of this year, I believed that the state just needed to know the facts and that there would be an effort on their part to reunite this family. (At that point the grandparents were denied visits...or thought they had been.)

The state, however, last June presented the court with termination papers asking the judge to sign them BEFORE the hearing! The state has pressed for termination at every point. And, while the mother is not perfect, CPS continues to set her up for failure. CPS has always promoted a foster adoption (could have promised one) over the biological family.

I have always believed that the state was structuring a situation that would allow termination and adoption outside of the family. First take the child away from the family...then don't let them have visits. The CASA told the Stuths that a court had ordered them not to have any contact with their granddaughter. I asked for the order. There was none. It was then that they got monthly visits.

The point is that the state has always moved to alienate affections between the child and the grandparents or other relatives. They wanted the foster woman to be the only one with the "bond." Easy then to tell the judge that this child should not go back to the family. This is corruption. It is child trafficking.
That is why they have done their best to vilify the Stuths in front of the court.

This all started with the CASA who came up from the state of California to do (for free???) what he did down there. He worked with a few other attorneys and a judge to "help" children. Talk about should see what his former wife has to say about him and the issue of moving children. This, in itself, is a huge story, really. Given his background in CA I think this just got too hot for him. While he left little Lisa's case as month ago...he has a lot of questions to answer.

First would be: "Why didn't you tell the judges that there was an aunt and uncle in North Dakota that had passed a study and wanted their niece?" He yelled at the Stuth's telling them there was no way he would allow the child out of the state. Why? Well, he obviously wanted the child to bond with the foster woman. Why?


Anonymous said...

This is child trafficing at the least. Call the FBI in Tacoma.The womans name is Tara for cases involving crimes against children. Agusta Fenerty knows who ths is.His number is 541-349-2372. There have actually been arrests and convictios for this crap.Not in Washington YET! We need an audit by the Federal Government for all of these funds paid to states for the unecessary foster care reinbursments. It is fraud. Believe me with the budget cuts we could eliminate a lot by sending kids home that were never in any danger to begin with. They are probably more than 50 percent of the kids in care. If you are in the apple business you must have app;es. Same is true in the child stealing business/industry.

Anonymous said...

What will you do if you win $10,000 for this idea?

There are agencies across the nation fighting this abuse, but until masses of citizens are truly informed, nothing is going to change for the children. There needs to be a newspaper solely devoted to informing the taxpayers of this nation. There are hundreds of websites and articles written on the subject, see "Money Behind The Madness" - Massachusetts News and "The Corrupt Business of Child Protection Service" - by Senator Schaefer of Georgia. With $10K, our newspaper TRUTH'S SAKE NEWS, would begin to have a much bigger distribution and effect on the nation. It is the goal of this paper to become nationwide to help save families which are the basis of our society and nation.