Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"More Federal Money Coming For Adoptions".... Discussion Today Aired On WA TVW

Today there will be a work session in the House Early Learning and Children's Services Committee.

Guardianship and Adoption Incentive Dollars

House Hearing Room D
Olympia, WA

"Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008"

This will be about the implementation of a new federal law. Lots of money will come along with this.

If you can not be there you may view it live on TVW.com

Thank you to a reader of PRR for letting us know. My aide will monitor the hearing.


Anonymous said...

Pam, It makes me sick when all I hear about is MONEY for foster care! If the federal government made the incentives to place the child with RELATIVES instead of shipping them off to strangers, I KNOW you would see a lesser need for foster care. And cps would be holding true to their words with "FAMILY FIRST". But since there is no money placing with family, it make buisness since to put them in foster care. This is a buisness of pedaling children for money! We all answer to someone someday, cps workers what will you say?

Anonymous said...

It is already mandated by the Federal government that children are to be placed with relatives before foster placement. It is also mandated that services are to be given to at-risk families in order to keep the family together. DCYF has not followed the mandates to date. What makes anyone think they'll start now? Why doesn't the Federal government start an investigation into the abuses practiced by DCYF in their thirst for money, in the needless ruination of the American family? Doesn't the Federal government see what's happening, or is DCYF falsifying government record's?

mgirl said...

One way to get that money is to make the relatives into a foster family. My parents got their foster license in Oregon to take my children from Washington care, then failed to follow their contract they'd signed with the state and lost the license. But the Washington Social Worker loves them, so they moved to Washington where they now have my children...and are once again in process of becoming a foster family.

I never had a contract with the state that I had to follow, yet they took my children (no abuse!). My parents DID sign a contract, failed, and now get another chance in another state, all because the lying, evil SW likes them instead of me!

And they are pushing for adoption, even though federal guidelines say adoption is NOT mandatory if the child(ren) are living with relatives!