Thursday, December 4, 2008

News Article On DSHS Departures Could Use Your Comments....Act Now!

This is a call to action!!!
Cut and paste...this is not a link.

Please log on and respectfully comment. Just speak from your hearts. Keep it brief. Mine was a little long but I tried to set the stage.


Anonymous said...

Here is another one. Nice job CPS, don't you have a heart!

Anonymous said...

My Daughter Tela Marie Morrison is being abused and exploited by DCFS, who have placed her in a pre-adoptive licensed permanent foster care. She is placed with the wife of a social worker who takes Tela from Day Care to Night Care ... The night care provider also a foster mother to at least seven children also has been My daughters visit supervisor. The Day care provider is Vickies Toddler's Day Care. I cannot find any public records of a daycare license. I have graphic proof of physical abuse thet could only be inflicted by an adult. They have been covering this up and denying it. I fear for the safety of my 32 month old daughter who should not even be in state custody were it not for the perjury and fraud that they insist on presenting to the STATE OF WASHINGTON KING COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT JUVENILE-DIVISION: Commisioner Elizabeth Castilleja Help Terry W. Morrison

Anonymous said...

Cps is the most corrupt agency that "I" know of - I am advocating for people daily here in good ole Colville - It should be called evil Colville - someone posted on the National Grandparents for Childrens Rights that Colville CPS are Nazis and I believe it.