Thursday, October 28, 2010

Campaign Notes

Here we are by Dairy Queen on Hwy 410 in Bonney Lake.

The campaign is made up of friends, gold and silver. I have been sign waving each day this week and all with volunteers who have called me wanting help. Thanks everyone!

Yesterday I was in Sumner with Pierce County Councilman Tim Farrell. He is a Democrat and wants me to win. Mayor Dave Enslow saw us and came over to chat. I had an umbrella in one hand and a sign in another! This is a muscle builder!

Today, eight Rainier School State employees met me in Buckley. They had just come off a shift and gave time when they must have been tired. Conversation makes the time fly!

Tomorrow I will be sign waving in Edgewood.

How else am I spending my time this week?

* Today I was on KIRO TV defending the content of my flyer. Seems my opponent doesn't like the truth:o) (see KIRO evening news...I will try to get a link.)

* I met with my treasurer to make sure we get everything reported.

* I make calls for donations and will be picking up another $500 on Friday.

* I read the papers, view the TV news, and try to keep up with emails.

* On Friday I will be in Olympia with Dr. Noe Guardado who is here from Honduras. He and his wife hosted my efforts in taking optometrists to Honduras last year. It will be so good to see them. We will spend Halloween and Election Night together, etc.

* The phone rings all day. Office work, campaign work, family members, and lots of polling. Once you turn in your ballot the poll questions I wait :o) I mean really, I would not have gotten a call from Sarah Palin today if I had already sent in my ballot!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Foster Mom Responds

(I just received this. Hey, gang! I don't know anything about the details of this case and likely will not pursue it. But, here you have a foster woman who somehow thinks I don't appreciate what fosters do. Indeed, there is a place for fostering and I understand that and I appreciate that. But, on the other hand, the state law says we are to place with qualified biological family first. That is the law. It is not always being followed.)

Mrs. Roach, It is obvious how one sided you are to post the above comment that has nothing to do with the Parks case and not post the comment I left yesterday. Please post both sides! I get that you don't like CPS and I completely agree. The system is so broken down and mixed up that kids will only continue to get hurt. However, there are great foster homes out there. We have not ever "bought" a child, any that we have sent back to family or the 2 we adopted. In fact, the $423 per month we receive for a child's basic care is almost laughable. That works out to about $1.50 per clothe, feed, drive to visitations etc. That also is how we are supposed to buy diapers and formula. Consider please, the hardest job you have ever much hourly did you make? Now, consider what I do...I take newborn babies through drug withdrawl. They scream in agony and can't handle stimulation. If they do get over stimulated they projectile vomit and tremor. I don't get paid bathroom breaks or lunch, no days off, no union protecting my rights. You get the idea.
You can't make a difference with a closed mind. If you want to see change you have to engage people and inspire them to also make a difference. In four and a half years my husband and I have talked with numerous people and have had 7 fellow Christian families...all wonderful people, get involved with the foster system. Please get past your negative view of foster homes and be thrilled knowing that at least some of the kids in the system are better off where they are then they could be anywhere else. "Kristen" is such a child. Did the Parks tell you that they don't believe the bio dad molested the girls, even though the older girls were who reported him and led to his conviction? Did they tell you that because they don't believe, they would allow him contact with "Kristen", potentially making her a victim of sexual abuse? Did they tell you that the foster family has been this child's home for nearly 2 years? Please do some research on attachment disorders; you will see that it would be detrimental to this sweet little girl's life to yank her out of the only home she knows. The Parks are being selfish; they want her and will do and say anything to get her. She is not a posession. She doesn't belong to anyone, but she at a very minimum deserves to stay with a loving home, with the people she calls mom and dad, to continue to grow and thrive in a safe environment. This is a reasonable family that engaged with the Parks and Louise screwed it up. Louise needs to step back and for once, put her niece first.


Look For A GAL To Lose Her Job

Dear Senator,

We also had a glowing home study, not once but twice, and one of which was done by the department themselves. The Guardian Ad Litem said what the state has done to our child was UNCONSCIONABLE.

Here is a comment out of the Guardian Ad Litem's report which Judge D. W. chose to ignore:

"Decisions were made to terminate contact between Shyann and her great-grandmother in spite of nine months of reports from Sydney Boren of the positive relationship the two had.

She now has no contact with the two adults who raised her from birth and has little contact with her brothers. She is now described by her current foster mother as the “most compliant child” she has ever met.

At age 6 she sucks her thumb, clings to her foster mother, and draws pictures of herself without arms – I suspect demonstrating a lack power.

She offers to help around the house and in the kitchen and readily forgives the other children if they do something to offend her – I suspect in an effort to make sure she is not plucked from this home and dropped somewhere else.

I am reminded of the Stockholm Syndrome. In my opinion, what has happened to Shyann
H..... since the Department removed her from the L_____t’s home is unconscionable.

I recommend that SHYANN ______ be returned to the custody of ______ and_______ as soon as reasonably possible and that their adoption of this child be granted without
further delay." (I have not seen any documentation on this case.. ED)

(Picking up where the writer left off.....) This Judge worked for CPS herself and is a member of the "Task Force for CPS." Would you say that it is a conflict of interest? These people are CORRUPT and need to be stopped once and for all. So even, when the GAL report is good, the judge and the department totally ignore it and want to adopt this child outside of her family.

We are talking CORRUPT, CORRUPT, and CORRUPT. We also have about 300 signatures from teachers, a doctor and priests ... all who know that we are good grandparents. But, the state wishes to make money off of these children, ruin families, and continue to lie in court.

We have had glowing reports from the supervised visits. I also have videos and pictures of my visits which were all good. The state is just plain EVIL AND IT WILL COME OUT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. (Last line deleted...a word was missing. ED)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

WA CPS Unrestrained...Another Saga

From a reader:

To all that may be concerned:

I'm writing today as a concerned citizen. I'm concerned for our family and yours. This could be you. In Aug. 2008, Washington State legally kidnapped my niece. I've been fighting for 2 long years to bring her home.

At our last court hearing the state said, "THE PARKS EXERCISED POOR JUDGMENT IN REFERRING TO THEMSELVES AS THE CHILD'S REAL FAMILY." We are her real family! We are now, as of Oct. 4th 2010, COURT ordered not to refer to ourselves as real family. Unbelievable, you would think. Not for judge George Bowden, Everett Washington.

We must fight against this corruption. We are trying to reunite with our family and this judge and the state tell us the foster people are her family now. For 2 years I haven't been recognized as family. The closer we get,(passing home study after home study, meeting all compliance) to bringing our baby home, the harder they work to keep her with paid agents of the state. I'm a certified foster parent and I'm not allowed unsupervised visits! The state has court orders making me pay by the hour to see my niece. I only get one 4 hour visit per month and I live 16 hours away. I'm not allowed to give her gifts, or anything her real family sends. I'm not allowed to have her sisters or brother join the visits, or any other family.

We asked one time to have her cousin a Naval Officer (our son) visit, the answer was no. THIS COULD BE YOU. We need help. We have been told, by this judge' you'll get your day in court. I believe that the state is trying to stop us from ever making it to adoption court.

Have our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS been violated? When the attorney for our biological niece, Kristen ------ of Snohomish County Washington, her advocate, says we are not allowed to refer to ourselves as her REAL FAMILY? And the judge court orders it! We have been dealing with a corrupt department of DSHS (CPS) who are in the business of kidnapping babies for the purpose of fostering them out for adoption, so that they can meet their quota and receive the Federal funding.

We are her biological family, we have been there since the beginning. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH US. The juvenile court rulings are based on lies, twisted truths, and statutes that don't exist. The state claims the foster people John and Tracey H---- are her family now. The bottom line is WE ARE HER REAL FAMILY. Has this happened to you? What can be done to stop this corruption? Is there anyone willing to help us fight this? Contact us at REAL FAMILY at Sincerely Ed and Louise Parks

(Dear Readers: This is happening all over the country. Very few escape the snare. And on the other hand, one child a month dies under the "watchful eye" of CPS.)

District Democrats have differing opinion of Roach endorsement

District Democrats have differing opinion of Roach endorsement

State Senate candidate Matt Richardson resigns from tribal school

State Senate candidate Matt Richardson resigns from tribal school

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Richardson Not A Veteran

Carole wrote:
"Really? A "small-v " veteran? As a real Veteran, I'm offended that he thinks
that his civilian position is "just the same" as real military service. A
civilian contract is nothing like a military contract. Richardson never made
the sacrifices that REAL Veterans have made, and should be ashmed to dissemble
as he has about the matter. this is an offense agains military personnel and
Veterans everywhere. If he'll lie about this, he'll lie about anything."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nice Sign! Thanks Darlene Hamilton!

Darlene Hamilton, my King County Republican District chair has decorated her Hwy 164 (Auburn-Enumclaw Highway) property with a great message! Thanks Darlene. I sure appreciate your support.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

KING 5 Covers The Race

Senator Roach: I am anxious to watch the King 5 "Upfront" program tonight with Robert Mak. I will be really interested in how they spin his story. I read this weeks "Courier Herald" editorial about how the issues are not being discussed. I do not understand why they won't print what's really happening. All of his indiscretions, or whatever you would like to call them, are not being reported. I am being polite. He is doing a smoke screen to take the heat off of him. I believe that these multiple "Allegations", are returning to bite him in the backside. Constituents are only willing to believe these continuous and repeated past behaviors for so long. I believe the general consensus is that he is a man with multiple problems who believes his own lies and they have caught up to him. I do agree we need to get back to the issues at hand and not his tainted reputation that he caused for himself because of his chosen behavior. I will be watching and sharing this message with others who live in your district. Others need to see what kind of a person he is,notice I did not say a MAN. Take care, {signed}

He is certainly a person with "mulitple problems." ---Ed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pam Supporters In Honduras Write

Note: It was the Republican Memebers of Congress who did so much

Marie wrote:
"Pam. we wish all the Republicans to win office during term elections in
November. May you be blessed with VICTORY. All governments need a check on the
balance of power, equilibrium, not total, absolute power to one individual. Let
God protect all Governments, let God appoint whoever He wishes to have in
authority, may God take away all power from those who abuse it, misuse it, or
use it only for selfish purposes. May God protect and save the world from self
destruction. Blessings and Victory from Honduras."

Amen, Maria
See you soon.