Friday, October 22, 2010

Look For A GAL To Lose Her Job

Dear Senator,

We also had a glowing home study, not once but twice, and one of which was done by the department themselves. The Guardian Ad Litem said what the state has done to our child was UNCONSCIONABLE.

Here is a comment out of the Guardian Ad Litem's report which Judge D. W. chose to ignore:

"Decisions were made to terminate contact between Shyann and her great-grandmother in spite of nine months of reports from Sydney Boren of the positive relationship the two had.

She now has no contact with the two adults who raised her from birth and has little contact with her brothers. She is now described by her current foster mother as the “most compliant child” she has ever met.

At age 6 she sucks her thumb, clings to her foster mother, and draws pictures of herself without arms – I suspect demonstrating a lack power.

She offers to help around the house and in the kitchen and readily forgives the other children if they do something to offend her – I suspect in an effort to make sure she is not plucked from this home and dropped somewhere else.

I am reminded of the Stockholm Syndrome. In my opinion, what has happened to Shyann
H..... since the Department removed her from the L_____t’s home is unconscionable.

I recommend that SHYANN ______ be returned to the custody of ______ and_______ as soon as reasonably possible and that their adoption of this child be granted without
further delay." (I have not seen any documentation on this case.. ED)

(Picking up where the writer left off.....) This Judge worked for CPS herself and is a member of the "Task Force for CPS." Would you say that it is a conflict of interest? These people are CORRUPT and need to be stopped once and for all. So even, when the GAL report is good, the judge and the department totally ignore it and want to adopt this child outside of her family.

We are talking CORRUPT, CORRUPT, and CORRUPT. We also have about 300 signatures from teachers, a doctor and priests ... all who know that we are good grandparents. But, the state wishes to make money off of these children, ruin families, and continue to lie in court.

We have had glowing reports from the supervised visits. I also have videos and pictures of my visits which were all good. The state is just plain EVIL AND IT WILL COME OUT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. (Last line deleted...a word was missing. ED)

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