Thursday, October 28, 2010

Campaign Notes

Here we are by Dairy Queen on Hwy 410 in Bonney Lake.

The campaign is made up of friends, gold and silver. I have been sign waving each day this week and all with volunteers who have called me wanting help. Thanks everyone!

Yesterday I was in Sumner with Pierce County Councilman Tim Farrell. He is a Democrat and wants me to win. Mayor Dave Enslow saw us and came over to chat. I had an umbrella in one hand and a sign in another! This is a muscle builder!

Today, eight Rainier School State employees met me in Buckley. They had just come off a shift and gave time when they must have been tired. Conversation makes the time fly!

Tomorrow I will be sign waving in Edgewood.

How else am I spending my time this week?

* Today I was on KIRO TV defending the content of my flyer. Seems my opponent doesn't like the truth:o) (see KIRO evening news...I will try to get a link.)

* I met with my treasurer to make sure we get everything reported.

* I make calls for donations and will be picking up another $500 on Friday.

* I read the papers, view the TV news, and try to keep up with emails.

* On Friday I will be in Olympia with Dr. Noe Guardado who is here from Honduras. He and his wife hosted my efforts in taking optometrists to Honduras last year. It will be so good to see them. We will spend Halloween and Election Night together, etc.

* The phone rings all day. Office work, campaign work, family members, and lots of polling. Once you turn in your ballot the poll questions I wait :o) I mean really, I would not have gotten a call from Sarah Palin today if I had already sent in my ballot!

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