Friday, November 28, 2008

A Reader Asks About Lisa's Father... And A Few Comments On The Money People Make Off Of The Misery Of Others

Lisa's father is a man several years older than the mother. The mother was underage,15, when she became pregnant with Lisa.

Strangely and very coincidentally, (because there are 53 Superior Court judges in King County)the grandparents said they had asked a judge to issue a restraining order against the man who was in his twenties and seeing their daughter. The judge said "NO" to the restraining order. The teen became pregnant. The man was a bad influence. Last Spring,Judge Kessler wisely prohibited the mother from seeing the guy. I understand she does not see the father and has no contact with him. According to the grandparents, the judge who denied the restraining order (not Kessler) is the same judge who just sent Lisa's case back to the juvenile court for termination. This case has some really creepy twists.

Who knows. Maybe there wouldn't be a little Lisa if the restraining order had been granted.

(I will be looking into this issue further. I am sure the judge had some legal reason for not complying. I know that it is relatively easy to get a restraining order for domestic violence, for instance. But I want to see what may have happened in this case. The fee can even be waived if a person does not have money for the fee. More on this later.)

In any event, the father is out of the picture. He has a state paid attorney representing his interests at all of the hearings. But, because he does not talk with his attorney...the attorney can not say anything in court. So, absent his client, the attorney sits in court, saying nothing, and doing nothing, helping no one...and we are paying for it.

This whole thing is quite the money maker....for a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE. Counselors, judges, attorneys (for the CASA, the state, the father and the mother), two day care facilities, foster woman, social worker, court reporter, the support systems for the agencies and the support system for the CASA...even the guy who sells the gasoline to the social worker who runs around all day...makes money off of this travesty. Heck, DSHS is bigger than Boeing to our economy.
The only ones it terms of dollars...are the taxpayers and the grandparents. The grandparents have spent thousands trying to get standing in court, driving all over the two counties to help their daughter and granddaughter, missing work for their short visits, etc.

Two of my senate colleagues told me to tell the grandparents to sell their house if they wanted to get their granddaughter back. I said, "They have already spent all their money." One senator responded..."Then sell your house if you want to help them." These two senators have been trying for years to get accountability into this system. "Get a good lawyer and sell your house if you have to, to get the money." Maybe Michele Obama was thinking of DSHS/CPS when she said she had not been proud of America. This system is a racket!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of grandparents, there is a meeting on December 2nd to discuss the new guardianship money becoming available. I strongly urge all grandparents to get involved in this development. If grandparents do not get their two cents in, then the state will find a way to make money and keep us powerless at the same time.

Its a House meeting in the John L. Obrien blding.

Anonymous said...

More often than not,these families are doing fine before CPS breaks in and steals children.Then they pay for an attorney who does nothing and when they are broke,they sell the home.All part of the plan for CPS though,because now your flat broke,don't have any vacation left,your job may be in jeopardy for the amount of time off,and no longer own a home to raise a child properly.So once again they succeed and sell the stolen child to the highest bidder with connections.

Anonymous said...

Pam, People are asking about the father of Lisa. The father has pretty much walked away from everything. Although he specifically stated in court through his attorney that if the mother can't have little Lisa he wants his daughter with the mothers parents. After all they are the ones that pretty much raised her, and thats the only home that little girl has ever known. But, ofcourse the state refused to even acknowledge the fathers requests as well. No suprise!

Anonymous said...

This story is pretty excessive even for the State of Washington. Has anyone tried contacting the FBI? They are required to look into color of law violations and public corruption. I called them once and they seemed to be in Washington State CPS back pocket, however, the national FBI is not. I would suggest a few people call the FBI locally and nationally requesting them to look into it. I would also suggest going higher up than the personnel who answer the phone and ward off callers with requests.