Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Change In WA State Politics

Tonight my neighbor of 25 years and I chatted on the phone. I knew that years ago she used to be a Democrat, but then she "started paying taxes."

She was my Republican Precinct Committeeman. She works tirelessly on Republican campaigns at all levels. She is a lobbyist both in Olympia and in D.C. for a business organization.....she voted for Barack Obama!

The top went big time left. Obama swept the state. Assisted suicide passed (we are the second state in the nation to pass it). Tim Eyman announced his win on his transportation initiative at 8:05. At 8:10 he learned his initiative failed...BIG! A four year second run at the governor's office and Dino Rossi lost.

But, the legislature did not see the big sweep of of two years ago. Actually, Marilyn Rasmussen (D) did lose. And, Mike Carroll (R)won. (I called them both today.) So, Republicans in the Senate picked up a seat in this landslide Democrat year. The House lost two Republicans: Norma Smith in Oak Harbor and John Ahern in Spokane.

And, my favorite candidate DAN ROACH...won with 57% in a swing district.

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