Monday, November 3, 2008

Races To Watch...Sen. Mike Carroll (R) and Sen. Marilyn Rasmussen (D)

The WA State Senate is as lopsided as the U.S. Senate. And, it could get worse.

Balance is a good thing in government. And there is little of that in Olympia.

If the Senate loses just one more Republican Senator then the Democrats will have a veto proof majority. I really don't think that has happened before...possibly, in the 1960's.

There are two critical races to watch Tuesday night. One is the Republican seat held by
Senator Mike Carroll
in Lakewood (near Tacoma). The last days of the campaign have been brutal. In WA it is OK to lie in political campaigns...our Supreme Court said so! Mike has campaigned as hard as a person could. He is honest. He is a good man with high standards. He votes his district. But, he is up against the ropes.

The Obama factor is weighing down on him. Supporters of his D opponent are now sending out nasty and illegal phone calls. They are illegal because there is no disclaimer as to who paid for them. They are nasty because they are lies.

There is another close race in Pierce County.
Senator Marilyn Rasmussen
is the long time Democrat incumbent who is running in a district that has become more Republican as it has grown. If Marilyn loses this race it will be because her own party let her go! Her consultant is weak. Her caucus has failed to send the money she needs to finish off a tough campaign. The word is that the majority leader views Marilyn as expendable. I have known Marilyn for a very long time. She is a woman of integrity and great compassion.

Both Mike and Marilyn are the finest that we have in Olympia. And, the reason for that is that they have integrity. No, I don't vote with either of them on all things. We represent our districts not a club of pure party line people. We are elected by people...not parties (though both parties would have it otherwise.)

The battle is for the veto over-ride ability. Of course, it really is not an issue if we have the same governor...but it is the goal of any party.

If Carroll and Rasmussen both lose It is a wash. If Carroll loses and Rasmussen wins then the D's have a veto proof majority in the legislature.

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