Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Angry CASAs Descend On Senator Roach At Public Hearing

The state has a "Sunshine Committee" to review laws that restrict information available to the public. I am a member of that committee.

Last week the committee held a hearing on my proposal to require more information about CASA volunteers and to make that information public.

After all, I reasoned, all government employees at the court and legislative branches at all levels must declare financial information. And, I felt that just knowing a person was not a felon was really not enough to know if they were fit to be a CASA.

Talk about angry!!!!
[Are they therefore unfit? Please see PRR of yesterday.] The King County CASA coordinator, a judge, the state CASA honcho, and a few other defenders of the closed and secret citadel made it very personal.

"Pam Roach wants to kill the CASA system." The judge even said, "If people have to declare their financial status there will be no volunteers. It will kill the CASA program. It will no longer exist."

No, really, that is what they said.

And, they didn't really stick to the subject. The committee already voted at the last meeting that it could, under its purview, discuss the openness (or lack of it) regarding the CASA program. That has already been decided. The defenders of a secret government arm were just plain livid at the thought of anyone knowing more about their program. What is there to hide?

(Even the judge had to give up her financial information to run for office, for goodness sake. I see a lack of judicial candidates but it is not because some lawyers are afraid of giving up portfolio information...they actually make pretty interesting reading, by the way).


Anonymous said...

How odd that they would come into a Sunshine meeting and NOT want open doors!Seems that they are doing something wrong and want it under wraps.Keep at it Pam,you are a blessing for so many of us and give us hope that one day,things may change.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone working for the system, be it voluntter or paid, would choose NOT to participate if disclosure was required. Like they say you only want to keep under wraps what you don't want others to see. Without disclosure and honesty they cannot serve the clients or the public. It would mean one more form of unaccountability. And as for the angered CASA program and Judges, just what is it they want to keep hidden? Or should I say WHO is it you want to keep hidden? The more I follow this blog the more I realize the whole system is corrupt and so far noone has been able to stop them!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same anger directed at you was directed at this mother in the court room!!!!

Paige Roberts said...

"Pam Roach wants to kill the CASA system." The judge even said, "If people have to declare their financial status there will be no volunteers. It will kill the CASA program. It will no longer exist."==============
Does this judge think that we are stupid people? While she/he sits behind their thrown with a gavel state actors if you will -- She does not know what I know obviously is why I said does she think we are stupid. We know how Judges, and state attorney generals get paid! It's not old news and we are NOT DUMB!

Stitchwitch D said...

What exactly is required of CASA volunteers?

If the only qualification is "no felonies", then what about parents who have kids in foster care or who have been TPR'd? I wonder if CASA has ever thought about that- probably not, they probably just assume the worst about parents. Think about it though- who else has the time, the knowledge, and the degree of motiviation?

Anonymous said...

CASA works right alongside CPS. They, as well as the Judges go right along with whatever CPS dictates. None of them are working for children or families. They are all so self righteous and in-humane. If it were to be known, I'd bet money CASA is being paid off and the majority of the Judges aren't any better.

Anonymous said...

CASA volunteer program does not have a standard from what I can see. CASAs range from extremely involved to extremely uninvolved yet their opinions all carry the same weight. I see it as a problem when the CASAs opinion is based on what CPS tells them. This is not acting independently at all. I have personally witnessed a CASA with apparent mental health issues acting like a mad woman with a couple who had no recourse against her. The only way to get rid of a CASA is to go before the judge and request it.
I agree with you 100%. They need accountability same as everyone else. If there is a "team" concept, why are they even needed? There are so many adversaries against families now, why do they need one more?
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families

Anonymous said...

Try going before a Judge in Nashua, NH to have CASA removed. My daughter's tried along with removing their court-appointed puppet Lawyer's. It doesn't happen. Even any and all motions filed by the parent's are denied. CPS kisses the Judges a--. Anything CPS want's, CPS get's. CPS caseworker's and Lawyer's even told us to our faces, the Judges do whatever CPS want's. They said it's not up to the Judges if the children are given back. It's up to CPS, period. Their right. The Judges have no say. CPS are pulling their string's.