Sunday, November 23, 2008

ABC's Sunday Morning " Roundtable" Isn't Round...But Tipped

As usual, the George Stephanopoulos' "Roundtable" was really a lopsided three-liberal-democrat panel (including George S. who was the press secretary for Clinton) and one lone conservative...George Will.

If you study the dynamics...the thing tips. Think of the Olympic hammer thrower. As Will leans back to try to center things an elongation occurs. The table is not round and it is not even. Because it is a three-on-one debate and flys high and left, I think "round" should be replaced with "tipped." "ABC's Sunday Morning 'Tipped Table Report'."

George Will does a more than able job but only gets 1/4 vs 3/4 of the talk time and does not get to formulate the questions.

Never satisfied with these advantages the new administration will be going after talk radio that has been successful for so many conservative commentators. Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are sounding the warning for government attacks on free speech. Government does have the nasty habit of trying to silence critics.

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