Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Lisa Is In The Hospital/ CPS Keeps Her Mother From Her Side

Everyday there is some awful new development in the case of little Lisa. There is no way to keep up with it all. The department wants the child.

Today, Lisa is in the hospital with rotavirus. A person gets this from contact with feces. The biological mother has been refused visits. That's right. Her 3-year-old is in the hospital and the department will not let her see her mother. They want the child to bond only with the foster adopt parent.

A Senate colleague of mine has a case in another part of the state where the parents took twin three-year-olds to the hospital because they were very ill with diarrhea. (A small child can die fairly quickly of dehydration. Rotavirus causes sever diarrhea.) In this case, CPS was called in. The state took the twins into custody. The father has had his wages garnished to pay for the foster care and has nothing left for an attorney. So, the state wants to terminate parental rights when parents take their kids to the hospital. I guess they didn't get them there soon enough. How does a parent know when that point is reached? They are not doctors. They did their best. So, as a reward for being as responsive as they knew how...the kids have been taken. (Seems the state likes the young memories, you know.)

But, in our case... no problem. The "annotated foster one" still has the child. Same problem...different reaction.

I understand that the staff coordinator for the Senate Republican Caucus monitors my blog.

"Hi, Jim (Senate Republican Staff Coordinator and sometimes advisor). Maybe the Senate Republicans could work to open up government. CPS could be a start. Do Republicans just sit back and let the state go at it? There is a caucus reorganization meeting coming up. You will be taking notes after someone asks 'What we should prioritize?' Why don't we prioritize having CPS investigated?"


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!! Thats disgusting. Childen die every year from this going untreated. Wonder how long it has been in her little system. The press needs to be aware and bring this to light for those who care. Pray for Lisa and hope she can stay strong until she is returned. How is this not grounds for an intervention and just what kind of Judge let's this shit go on?

Anonymous said...

What a sick twisted system. How can this kind of torment of children in fostercare be stopped? Sounds like more abuse and neglect happens there than with parents or family! What a heartless evil b$#!h this social worker is. Keep fighting someone has to stop this insanity!

Anonymous said...

Does Jim have a blog???Because there are alot of things that should be brought up to everyone who reads this.ANYONE WITH CHILDREN,GRANDCHILDREN,NIECES AND NEPHEWS.......THIS COULD BE YOU!!!And it will be happening more and more because nobody can seem to stop it.Hold your family close because if CPS comes knocking,your life as you know it,is over.

Anonymous said...

You rock Pam that is just what is needed.....Investigate CPS and expose all the wrong doing. "If you take your children to the hospital they are taken by CPS!!!" Get real America this is a fight to take on!!
Please do not stop Pam so many need you and you will be rewarded for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

That would be a great help to have CPS investigated. A great first step!
That is a priority!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to turn. I work with Lisa's Nana. I just talked to her. I'm so angry I could scream., no wait I did, several times. NO ONE IS LISTENING. Not DSHS not the judicial system. They seem more concerned about the CASA that was on this case and the foster adopt then they are with Lisa. I've been angry since the day DSHS put Lisa and her mom in an unsafe and unsupervised house in Tacoma.
I keep thinking that any time now some one will come to their senses and Nana will get a call to pick up Lisa and take her home.
Now I hear that the judge is angry because of a web site targeting the CASA and foster adopt as the bad guys.
Well guess what Judge. THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS!! You should be angry, not because they are being targeted, but because someone had to create such a web site. You should be angry because this child is suddenly a "special needs child" when she was a happy, healthy little girl while with her Nana & Papa. Judge you are appaled and outraged for the wrong reasons.
When Lisa was with her mom she fell and cut her lip while at an AA meeting. Her mom picked her up and ran with her to the emergency room. Two days later Lisa was taken away from her mother. Since that time she has had several black eyes, a goose egg, and left with vegetables to rot in her nose. She has been ill and recently severly ill. But she's still with the foster adopt. Why? And how can a child bond with someone when they are in back to back daycare.
She has bonded with her mother and her grandparents despite DSHS. These are good people. This family should be reunited.
Senator as far as the the ethics committee and Republican Caucus are concerned they should be very proud of you for standing up for what is right. We, the people, are proud to have someone like you there to represent us. Thank you.

Paige Roberts said...

This story is dear to my heart because my son was taken from me out of a childrens hospital as well. I only pray that things will start to lighten up with CPS here in the near future. We have to FIGHT! Stand strong and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!

Anonymous said...

My stomach has been unsettled all day after seeing this...Just how do these "Elite scumbags" feel as they watch the slow,painful peventable death of a child? She is not well at all.It seems even worse when you look at the side effects of her illness and weeks of illness that was untreated.They are helping her slowly slip away and call them selves upstanding members of society.Hhhmmm...there will be justice for this little girl, because we all have our judgement day.

Anonymous said...

Judge Schafer is not the only one in violation of the RCWs as it pertains to parental rights and medical involvement. Judge Casey from Thurston ruled last year that it is "too hard" for foster parents to notify in the event of an emergency to the hospital so parents can participate.
This is one of the RCWs I was referring to. The law is very clear about parental rights and medical involvement but then there is this little disclaimer at the end.....The disclaimer needs to be removed.
One also has to look at CPS policy and procedure which is also very clear about foster family reporting. Foster parents are required to report and it would be CPS that should honor the law by notifying the parents and giving them an opportunity to participate.
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Family