Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Lisa Closer To Coming Home

Two days ago I learned that the demonic CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) who tried everything in the book to keep little Lisa from her family and permanently give her to a "troubled" foster adopt...removed himself from the case!
This is a very good sign that Lisa will be coming home! Someone delivered that news to him. I believe that is the only reason this man would leave the case. He was fanatical about stealing this child.

He is seething mad! His goal was to have parental rights terminated. He did everything in his power. He placed the mother and child in a couple of hell-pit houses. He yanked Lisa from her mother because the mother was having trouble living with 13 other people in a house with one bathroom. He had knowledge of relatives with positive in-home studies and kept that information from the court. He yelled at and threatened the grandparents screaming, "You will never see your grandchild," and, "She will never go out of state [to the aunt and uncle]." He was a disaster! He over stepped his authority on numerous occasions. He should never be a CASA in this state.

But...he left!!! This is a sign that he knows Lisa will be going home. He lost his battle to steal this child and give her to someone else. This attorney put over 1,000 hours in this case.

He bluffed his way through DSHS and past the CASA coordinator in King County. He put on a nice attorney suit and dazzled the new, young social worker to get his way. He worked with the "K and L Gates" attorney friend from California where they, together, had been so successful at alienating affection between young children and their families...and then delivering them to foster adopt single parents. The evil man is gone for now.

But, he will be back. He likes what he does...stealing he will be back.

We are much closer to reuniting this family. But, there have been no new visits for the grandparents (DSHS continues to thwart the court order).

The mother is doing "fabulous" say the grandparents. She has been allowed to take Lisa to the mall. There is another hearing on Nov. 17th.
What do we think this ordeal has cost the taxpayers?


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear things are working out for Lisa and her family!
But, I do believe it is only because of the attention you have brought to the case..Without it I fear things would be turning out far different for Little Lisa. Everyone knows that the taxpayers will pay dearly for every loss that CPS has to take. My prayer is that you could be there for each and every family that is going through the terrors that this family has endured.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!One down so many to go.One who can't make it as an attorney,should never be involved with a child's life. Should he be charged with withholding information from the courts or is there no accountability with volunteers either?

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

The cost to the taxpayers in just this case..would probably be close to half a million.

The real question should be asked though..What is the cost to the child?

CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

CASA is a largely unregulated group that have been given almost unlimited power and access. I observed one CASA with serious mental health issues raking a couple over the coals publically while the poor couple cowered quietly knowing they had no recourse.
Some CASAs are very involved, others are not that involved, some are pro-family while others are pro-adoption. Many rely on CPS information exclusively basing all their opinions on "mob think" so why do they have so much say in court? They are not experts nor are they always objective and honest.
Jan Smith

Angela said...

What on earth is going on with your CASA program up there? I'm a CASA in Louisiana, and if any of us behaved that way my supervisor would do everything within her power to see us punished for it. We are required to visit with our appointed children, and we are required to investigate the case to find out what exactly happened. We are supposed to find the best solution for the child which, as my supervisor told us repeatedly, is often back with their parents.

The whole point of CASA is to protect children against the neglect/abuse of CPS, which is why CASA volunteers are only assigned one case at a time; it allows them to fully concentrate on that one case.