Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Lisa's Mouth Filled With Sores, Her Back Is Bruised....God Help This Litte Girl In The Hands Of Washington State CPS

I just received a phone call.

Little Lisa was just seen in a supervised visit. She has a big bruise in the middle of her back. She has sores in her mouth. Her gums are blood red. She has a sore or cut on her lower lip.

She cried when given a sip of apple juice because of the pain.

The social worker said, "She should not be in daycare right now. She is sick." (One daycare won't take her because of the blood laced diarrhea...the other one does.)

Lisa screamed when the visit was over and the social worker tried to get her into the car. So, the relative had to get her to the car. Lisa cried "hysterically" when the social worker tried to put the seat belt on her...so the same relative had to buckle her into the seat.

I called the governor's office again. YES, YOU PEOPLE ON THE ETHICS BOARD....I AM TRYING TO HELP SOMEONE!!

We can only hope the mouth sores are not from sexual abuse.

This family had two very positive in-home studies (one with the grandparents and one with an aunt/uncle). There was never ANY accusation of abuse by the teen mother. In a time of budget deficits I have no idea how much money could be saved by having DSHS follow the law. They should place with biological relatives first.

"Get the child into the system and then crush them [the family]" Quote from a colleague in the Senate.
Crush the good families financially and emotionally, and then take their children.

Just think of all the money that could be saved to help kids who are really in need.


Anonymous said...

Is there no one outside of Washington that can be called upon!?There must be some oversight panel in Washington DC or something...are there more names you can place on here so we the people can help this baby with phone calls,faxes and e mails?We are witnessing the slow death of a child and mutilation of a family.God help us all!!!Someone help this baby!What is the press dragging their feet for.The public would hear about it if some damn celebrity saved her!

Anonymous said...

Good God, this brings heart wrenching memories back to 2001 when my child was being beaten in care. I could not protect her from the people that say they protect. Thank God after I called the police to a supervised visit she was saved for a short time anyway. That story is long and hard. My heart pours out to this baby and her family.
Where the hell is the Ombudsman? She has been called. She needs more teeth given to her this coming session. So she can do something right now in cases like this. And what about Sharon Gilbert she is risk managment. Is she doing anything? The police need to be called! This is criminal neglect and child endangerment. The people involved in this case especially need to be arrested! Does anyone know who the prosecutor in the jurisdiction this child is placed in is? He or she needs to be called also.
The prosecutor in Coville is investigating CPS there over cases with no where near the magnitude of this one alone.
Everyone needs to act to help this child and fast!
Elaine Wolcott-Ehrhardt
President/Washington Families United

Anonymous said...

Social workers are mandatory reporters aren't they??? Why didn't the social worker report the medical neglect and abuse to child protective services??

I don't mean to upset this family; but we are literally reading about this child dying before our very eyes.

Suck it up David and put the child with the grandparents. Your alternative is that when Lisa dies, and this hits the national media that you will be the scapegoat. I can just hear Katie Couric with the voiceover that "a child dies in protective care while approved grandparents were waiting and willingly to take her in and online bloggers were publicizing the medical neglect by the foster parent that ultimately caused her death. Does child protective services need to be reformed?"

This is all so sad. But the sick thing is this David- You are more likely to do the right thing to protect your reputation, than to protect a three old child from harm.

May God give you mercy not to retribute on you and your family, what you, David have allowed to be perpetrated on Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Just a little update, The social worker took little Lisa to the doctor yesterday because the foster REFUSED to leave work and do it herself! WAY TO GO FOSTER! It's nice to see where your priorities lie. Here is the biggest issue found over the doctors visit. When little Lisa was stolen from her mother she weighed 23 pounds 15 oz., her weigh in at the doctors office was 28 pounds! This little girl has only gained 4 pounds in almost 17 months! HMMMM! Remind you the reason she was taken from her mother was "failure to thrive" because she showed no weight gain in TWO months! So what the hell do you call this? The state claims that the grandparents are complaining about this little girls health issues because they are mad that she is not with them. Well, hell ya they are mad! wouldn't you be? But since the foster is licensed thru the state it can't be any wrong doing on her part, right? I think the only criteria a social worker needs to meet is that they have a window in their stomach so they can see where they are going! Because you know where their head is.

Anonymous said...

Little Lisa and her family will be the topic of my families prayers tomorrow at dinner. We too will be missing a couple of our children again this year. We know the incredible pain that comes via CPS.

Anonymous said...

Until the money trail is show to ordinary citizens,no one will believe this happens all over the country. Never in a million years would I have believed this actually happens to people I know.Look what it takes to see what our tax dollars goes on,and the children at CPS's disposal.DISGUSTING!
They have no soul,moral,strength or heart.The children they steal have all of that and more until they are broken and discarded. Say a prayer for Lisa,she is waiting for a revolution!SHE DESERVES A FUTURE!She will not have her spirit broken!