Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day 2008

Election Day will be a busy one. I will be an observer for the State Republican Party at King County Elections.

I toured the facility last week and have been looking forward to the action. King County has hired over 500 people to work the absentee ballots. The line for early poll voting was out the door when I was there. The media was coming in and out. I was interviewed by NPR but didn't think to ask when it would air.

I have a couple of meetings during the day but I will spend the bulk of the time at King County Elections.

My favorite candidate? Well, it has to be Representative Dan Roach. Son, Dan, is running for his fourth term in the State House of Representatives. GO, DAN!

The big celebration will be at the Hyatt in Bellevue. Initiative guru, Tim Eyman, has run a campaign to fix traffic congestion. Through the initiative he is forcing state government to implement the outcomes of a performance audit on the Department of Transportation. (This is another part of government that has not met the expectations of the people!) Tim will give his victory speech at 8:05PM...minutes after the polls close! Ya gotta admire that guy!!!Minutes after the polls close and he declares victory! He is a crack up!!!

Then we will wait for the first runs of the absentee ballots to be counted (8:20). As we go through the night we will see gubernatorial candidate, Dino Rossi, start with a statewide lead. Then, as the liberal King County votes are counted the lead will shrink. The question is, "Will Chris Gregoire make up the difference with the election day King County (democrat) voters?

I will be praying for friend Sen. Mike Carroll. I have gone through many tough races and when you have done all you can...there is nothing left to do but count the votes.

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