Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Is For Families

To My Readers:
...the good people who have had children taken by CPS without due process...to DSHS (David and others who spend state time reading my blog and trying to get even with me through threats to the family)...to the press who monitor my blog (including the liberal Seattle bloggers)...to Lisa's extended family that has been needlessly going through hell...to my grown children who see this blog...and to Little Lisa who I have never met but love...

One of my greatest causes for thanksgiving is the liberty we have here in America. I have traveled the world and I love my country. I love the people. I love the rule of law.

This year I sat down with a despot in the Philippines. I reported my whereabouts to the Communist Chinese police. I gave school supplies and medicine to children in Honduras. I voted on the Senate floor. I had my picture taken with Ron Paul, worked for Mitt Romney, and voted for John McCain. I have hugged each one of my ten grandchildren and write this blog, in part, so they will have a remembrance of me.

But, life becomes really full... when you fight for something good. Isn't that what gives the living of life meaning?

I want a responsive government that is open to scrutiny by the people. I want government to be better than it is. I want simply to help people. And, for me, the best way to do that is to go after what is right and good. Fighting for the rights of others is a passion that, for me, is also a duty.

In our turning to God in giving thanks this holiday, let's pledge to keep moving forward. And, for you at the top of CPS...you need to get a soul.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Pam for having the determination and drive to take a stand.We are blessed to have someone like you helping to fix a large problem.Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family gathering.Our family will be back together soon!Pray for Lisa this weekend while all those "top dogs" think nothing of her.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
My pray for Thanksgiving is that you will not give up this fight, we have waited for so long for someone like you to help us. We will support you.
Please people listen to Pam and help the children, so many have been lost already.

Anonymous said...

If only one of the many people contacted about this would step up and do the right thing,Mother and child could be together and safe out of the state.Between the Governor,Sharon Gilbert,David,the ombudsman,and the Judges,(who most likely read this)how are none of them able to see the big picture?I suppose all of them are trying to finalize their holiday plans with family aren't they.Must be nice.

Anonymous said...

I now get letters from all over the world to include Canada, UK, New Zealand, etc. and I just got this today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKUHYBY3rzM&feature=email
Do not watch this unless you want your heart broken in half.
Let's look at what we are up against here. My research travels have brought me to the following understanding:
The United Nations is passing laws that take ALL rights away from families.
They are trying to force the United States to follow suit.
The United Nations is joined at the hip with world banking.
World banking controls the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve controls our Social Security.
Social Security is being issued to the states in billions of dollars to remove children from poor families.
There is now a movement to remove children and place them in orphanages where they will be taught the "government way."
The United States could turn this around but a strong foundation has been built based on lies and most believe those lies
Unless people rally together and change this horrid movement no family will be safe from government intervention.
Some of you are old enough to remember the Iron Curtain.
The Iron Curtain is being built here. Help take it down.
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families