Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quick Lisa Update

Little three-year-old, Lisa, the granddaughter of my constituents is still in foster care. The last visit with her mother went very well. The mother is doing everything that has been outlined in order to get her child back.

Unlike the Hispanic man in the Washington State Supreme Court case, Lisa's mother was not into hard drugs. She did experiment with marijuana. The department classified her as having an alcohol problem. She did drink while under age but did not have a dependency problem as the state claimed.

The next court hearing is November 17th.

But, there are many unresolved issues. There was an email from the day care supervisor. I saw it. It reported that Lisa was asked by a daycare worker how she got her black eye. Lisa gave a direct answer and it was redacted. The email was then altered by DSHS to delete even the fact that the question had been asked. This agency will do anything to cover its tracks and change the truth.

DSHS is hiding the truth. They are protecting someone in the instance of the black eye.

We need to open up this department to public scrutiny. Let the public know the truth.
What a disgrace the bureaucrats in this department have been. It is the only department in state government where leaders accept absolutely NO responsibility. Their answer is to hire more PR people to spin the stories!

When they are unaccountable the abuses continue. Children are needlessly killed, or starved, or burned to death on one hand. Other children (the young ones) are kept from families and terminated from all biological connections. All this comes under the category of EVIL. It is evil because they know the problems, they don't ask for help in preventing the deaths of children, and on the other hand...they love the power to play take a child and dole it out to someone they feel is more worthy. (And they lack any selectivity!)

See the WA court hearing referenced in a previous blog entry. The same DSHS that placed Lisa in a house with a restraining order...placed an Hispanic child in a home with a felon! We still do not know who the mystery man is in the home with Lisa. Is he a felon too? Did he cause the black eye???

Hurry home Lisa. God grant that you are home with your loving family soon.


Anonymous said...

With light being shed on this,are there other Senator's standing beside you or was this a known problem that was cast aside?Where does the Childrens Alliance come in to play with Relative Placement since DSHS higher up also serve on these boards for kids?I guess the same would go for the Braam panel, with Stephani and Arnold-Williams being apart of them.How do they react during those meetings to save children when they spend the week collecting undeserved paychecks for the destruction of family and child death tolls?

Neezr65 said...

We need more representatives like you fighting for our children who were unjustly removed from their parents who have not harmed them and placed them in direct harm with people who do harm the children. CPS is not looking the in "best interest"; too many take kids first and then cover up the abuse to place the child with the highest bidder.....
In my state of NJ, CPS take children on vicious allegations which are only opinions (or character assasination and slander). Even with physical evidence of abuse, CPS continues to place children with abusers. Thank you for being a voice for the children.

Anonymous said...

Pam, Has anybody mentioned any other members of the foster parents family? A quick google search will show that the foster parents brother is listed in the white pages using the same address. Also, Wa. voters registration shows him listed at that same address. Another quick and easy google search shows this same brother has SEVEN FELONIES! and an open civil suit filed against him. Could this be the mistery man? After all he is listed at the same address. And does this mean if it is not him, she never see's her brother, or her brother never comes around? Because everybody knows by law he can be nowhere around these children! Obviously the state didn't bother checking ANY back rounds into this foster parent. I'm just your average citizen, and I found all this in about ten minutes. HUMMMMM! way to go cps!

Anonymous said...

How long must this crazy business of court hearings and CPS cover ups go on? There is no really good reason this child can't be with her mother or grandparents. She is a loved child and her family wants her back with them. It is so sad because her grandparents have been through hell and back trying to get her back with them This needs to be done and let the child back with her family. Please, Please, Please let her go home to her family before something more terrible than a black eye happens