Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update On Lisa

Now having left the hospital, our little three-year-old heroine is now back at the foster adopt's house. She is still very ill. She has a protruding intestine due to rotavirus and persistent diarrhea.

I understand the daycare is not too happy that CPS did not tell them that one of the little playmates has a highly contagious illness.

The mother is not allowed to visit her sick daughter and give her comfort.

In fact, the mother has had a great deal of trouble in that department. She was directed to find a place where both she and her child could over-night together. That was a very good sign. But, the mother could not find a "residence" that was set up for overnight stays that would take her. The reason for that was because the mother did not have the child. The judge blamed the 19 year-old mother for this.

Why wasn't she just allowed to have visits with her child at the home of the grandparents? This situation defies any reason at all.

By the way...the in-home studies for the grandparents and the aunt/uncle have expired. The relatives are not allowed to re-submit their applications without a request from CPS. So...if you are CPS....you don't tell the judge the studies exist, let them expire, and then just don't ask for a new one.

The department makes small and insignificant motions so they can say they want to reunify...but just look at their behavior. I learned a long time ago you don't listen to what someone says...you look at what they do. The likely outcome of activity tells you what the real goals are.

I actually talked with David Davilar Fox of the department a few weeks ago when things were looking positive.

Fox said, "We were never going to terminate in this case."

Me: "Oh really, then why did you shove termination papers before the judge even before the hearing was held? And, why do you push for termination in EVERY court proceeding?"

Fox: "Oh, that doesn't mean anything."

Well...to him it obviously doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Pam, Yesterday was a very hard day for our family. We sat in the court room as the judge went off on how she thought the casa in this case was so great. And was so sad to see him leave the case. Quite frankly, I'm glad to see him gone. We've tried to intervein for the sole purpose of setting the record straight. This casa, social worker, and so called therapist has done nothing but lied to this judge and has made a mockery of her court. We have ALL the documentation proving the lies as well. The social worker was caught in her lies in the termination trial back in June. Therefore DSHS pulled this social worker and replaced her with a new one. Stating to the courts that she had to heavy of case load so they were replacing her with a social worker with a lesser case load. WRONG!! she got caught LYING!!!! thats why she was pulled. And still the judge refuses to hear the facts in this case. This is NOT a true court of law. The judge is to hear ALL sides of the story and look at all the evidence BEFORE making a decision. Instead, they base all their decisions on what DSHS and especially the casa says. But hey, they wouldn't lie. right? ya.
little Lisa's papa

Anonymous said...

Sounds alot like parental alienation syndrome doesn't it? Where have I seen those words with some of the names on here?OOHHH..California

dar said...

DSHS in this county should be shut down, for an over haul.How many children are they going to allow to die and be traumatized? The ethics commitee should be looking at DSHS instead of your blog. I bet they are worried about how people will vote.Instead of being worried about you telling the truth.I'm disgusted

Anonymous said...

This child is in hell and nobody cares.Family that wants her and still she sits for some pathetic losers to decide what they want.So much for a free country I guess.The only people with rights are those with power.Truely scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

We are definitely in a war. How can we help you Pam? Want us to bombard them with phone calls?

Anonymous said...

What can we the people do to stop this madness?
Why do the children have to suffer to satisfy the greedy? This business needs to be expose and shut down. What you are doing to help expose this monster takes a lot of courage and integrity.
We salute you for all you have done and will do for that poor baby and her family. You will have much more support in all this from families who have been there. They should be worried how people will vote!

Anonymous said...

Should there be a stream of phone calls,emails and faxes to deaf,dumb and apparently blind workers there?Since someone other than the Judge reads them,would that be possible to reinform them of her family and rights as the law states?This family is going through hell trying to save her and nobody listens.I'm appauled.

Anonymous said...

Pam, here is a little piece of info for you. Back in 2004 we tried to get a protection order against our daughters boy friend because we knew she would end up pregnant, and she was way to young to raise a child. She was 15 and the boy friend was almost 19. Our order was denied! Can you guess the name of the judge who denied us this order? You got it! judge Shaffer. The same judge who now holds the dependancy case. We turned to this judge four years ago to protect our daughter and she FAILED! Now, here we are exactly where we knew we would be. And this same judge that failed to help us is now back failing us again! Amazing, isn't it? Maybe judge Shaffer feels that two wrongs will make it right.
Lisa's papa

Anonymous said...

A thought. If you witnessed perjury on the stand by social workers and CASA, and assuming perjury is most likely a felony in your state: Perhaps you need to file an affidavit requesting to be heard by the grand jury in that jurisdiction for the criminal activity that is taking place.

Anonymous said...

Is there any accountability if this judge decides to terminate and doesn't place with family?Or rather,is there a lawsuit if he doesn't place with them.

Anonymous said...

Just what does David think of her colon?Does he think that is acceptable?What sick Department in any state thinks this is ok,and approves its continuance?May someone out there have some heart and save her before it gets any worse for her.