Sunday, November 2, 2008

CPS On Trial

The Washington State Supreme Court is known as a defender of government. In the case that mirrors little Lisa's, I have no idea how they will rule. From the questioning it is evident that several of the justices are concerned that "failure to bond" be used as a reason to terminate. After all, that is not in the statute. "Government" courts will go to "best interests of the child" and courts that stick to the law will do just that.

Justice Charles Johnson asked if (in a hypothetical case where there was no longer a mother in the picture) a soldier with back to back tours of Iraq would have his rights terminated if there was a failure to bond with the child he had not seen for 2 years. You need to see the clip and watch the government attorney.

Please view the court proceedings. This is an excellent case study. In her closing rebuttal, Susan Wilk correctly portrays the role that DSHS has played in taking children (usually from poor parents) and giving them (as in Lisa's case)to an unworthy foster parent.

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