Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congresswoman Tracy Eide???

With Obama comes the changing of the guard.

The word is that democrat Congressman Adam Smith (WA-9) will be stepping up to a spot in the Obama administration. That leaves his congressional seat up for grabs. But, no grabs here.

State Senator Tracy Eide (D-Federal Way) may just have a lock on Adam Smith's seat. Republicans will have to fight for it. In a US Senate vacancy there is an appointment by the governor until there can be an election. With a US House seat in a situatuon where a house member vacates the seat there is a vacancy until a special election can be held. We do not fill US House seats in this state very often.

I'm a fan of watching Democrats mix it up. It would be much more fun if King County Councilwoman Julia Patterson and State Senator Jim Kastama would join in the fight.

Eide is the Senate Democrat Floor Leader. She generally has a nice temperament.

(I have to watch it when I say something nice about a Democrat. In an earlier PPR I mentioned that I thought Senator Marilyn Rasmussen (D-Eatonville) was a person of integrity. I was criticised by some Republicans for that (without talking to me) and one was telling people that I was not supporting the Republican candidate. One and one is three?)

In any event, I am sure Eide will be an even-tempered though liberal member of congress. I hope she likes the long red eye to D.C.

Then the 30th District can look forward to a war over Eide's senate seat in the fall. Could we have an appointed Mark Melosia (D)defending against attorney Jim Ferrel(R)? After the tax increases that could be a race!

Will Mayor Michael Park (Republican at this point but with many in the Korean community who would urge him to run as a "D") jump in the race? Or, would he go after the vacated Melosia seat?

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Onedayatatime said...

I am on a mission to find the best way to get my son back in my home. I have my girls back and the CPS case for them is closed. But they are hanging on to my boy because he has special needs.
Well on my mission, I came across your blog and I think it is great. I love my son with all my heart and I think that it's a good thing there are people fighting this.
When I realized that this was all about money and kickbacks and all that, I realized it was much bigger than me. I feel so powerless.
Please keep fighting for people like me. My voice is not loud enough, but maybe if we all get together....