Sunday, July 25, 2010

Democrats And Republicans...Thanks Cat In Seattle

I am campaigning with several purposes. We need reform at DSHS and I want to be there to help. I talked about the Stuths and Willards yesterday at my BBQ. Thanks you Cat for your blog comment:

Pam, as a Democrat who loves you, I will be at this meeting. Ruth Kagi is my Representative and we have had discussions about this issue and my case. I am wondering if there is a way for people not in the Seattle area who cannot make it to this meeting to post questions I can submit to Ruth. I am active in the Democrats, so I would be happy to take my fellow citizens' concerns to this meeting no matter what their political affiliation, because I am a supporter of Pam's good work.

I want to tell all readers I have heard from progressive family court lawyers that Pam "gets it". They say they are glad Pam is there speaking because many progressives do not "get it" like Pam does.

I want you all and Pam to know that even though I am a Dem, I support Pam Roach and her supporters with all my heart! Pam speaks for us when my Dems have terrible on the issue of CPS and Family Preservation. Since Rep Kagi chairs the Children's Services Committee, it seems to me she is representing more than her district and I would be happy as a Dem to stand with ALL people concerned about Family Preservation and grandparents' rights.

Email me at: mntleo2 AT Yahoo DOT com, put "Ruth Kagi" in the subject line so I know who you are and ask away. I plan to make an appointment with Ruth soon and it would be good to hear from constituents to take with me to let her know that this time we do not want a "speaking to the choir" discussion with this Dave Wood.

The part in the meeting announcement that interests me is they want to discuss "troubled families" when so many kids who are taken are *not* in any "troubled family". If anything families become "troubled" when CPS and DSHS gets through with them after trampling on the Constitution after decimating children and entire families because they are so focused on getting funding off the backs of little kids, just as long as they pocket the $1000s of dollars in funding they get for every kid that is taken. Who cares about any stinkin' Constitution or kid when there is so much money at stake?

Cat in Seattle

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