Saturday, July 3, 2010

Three Doorbelling Stories

I love to doorbell. Good thing...since it is a BIG part of a campaign effort.

#1. Knock, knock...and who should come to the door but Yvonne Ward. Ward, a trial lawyer, ran against me in '02 and I guess that wasn't enough she ran against me again in '06.

2006 was a big year for Democrats. The WA Senate Republican Caucus lost six incumbents. They lost the largest percentage of any caucus in the nation! The '06 race with Ward could be likened to women's wrestling (if there is such a thing!) When it was over I was standing tall, my hands over-head and my heel on her throat holding her down.(That is the visual on this!)

So there I am on her doorstep!

We had a very nice conversation! Anyone listening would never have believed the battles. I like a fighter and I think she does too. No hard feelings.

#2. I doorbelled 33rd Pl. S.E. in Auburn on Friday afternoon. Today, I went back to the neighborhood to finish up and there were TV crews right where I had been the day before. Last night 2 women (one pregnant) and a man were shot in the one house I passed looked like anyone who might be living there was probably not a voter. According to the neighbors many shots were fired. Auburn police answered the 911 call and apprehended the suspects. It was a drug house.

#3. I had dinner on Thursday night at the Longhorn BBQ with supporters of the Auburn Foodbank. (I am a former board member.) While there I sat by a man I had doorbelled. "Yes, I remember where you live," I said. I took a pen and napkin...drew his neighborhood, and marked the house where he lived. I even mentioned what he had been doing:o) Your mind works like a map...I can go down the streets in my mind and remember the people, the conversations, the weather that day. It is like reading a book to think about it. Now...if I can just find my glasses!

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Anonymous said...

Regarding #2: Sometimes it just pays to listen to that inner voice. Geez Louise.

Many years ago a gal tried to set me up with her brother. I hated blind dates and said no but she persisted so I agreed to meet him. Within 30 seconds something about this guy gave me the creeps and I politely bowed out. The next day he went to his ex girlfriends work and shot her then shot himself. Just one of those life know what I mean.