Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Theft Of A Child In The Making???

A reader writes:
.... if anyone can help me please. I am a single grandfather who has been the relative placement for his grandchild since she was born and this has been for several years. But I am being blocked and lied about and railroaded at every turn. I can not afford a lawyer and have no idea how to proceed without losing what is left of my family. If anyone can help me please!

The Stuth Case and The Willard Case (soon you will all learn the outcome) were cases that I documented from beginning to end. These were both brutal battles with a lying bureaucracy that aimed to move a child from loving, qualified grandparents into the home of a single woman. In both cases the child was a little girl aged 3 and she was non drug affected. Her grandparents did not have a great deal of money. I followed both cases...and put in much personal time in the interest of trying to "right a wrong." It is very clear that the heads of government have absolutely no intention of changing the way they do business.

If the grandfather who wrote this will contact my office I have a few questions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam, I am doing free orientations for grandparents now. You can refer them to me for a step by step process and assistance with pro se.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

I will pray for a good outcome for this grandfather and child. But,why is it only grandparents who get any kind of help from the legislators? What about other relatives that children are being torn from? What about the children`s feelings and emotional state in general? Laws are laws and having the help shouldn`t be dependant on whether or not a Senator befriends the family.Our state really sucks for the little kids who need the help. Nothing is changing!!

Anonymous said...

To the Grandfather,
If you could borrow $3500.00 for a retainer fee, contact Tuohy Minor Kruse in Everett. Believe me, I know that`s a lot of money when you don`t have it. But that law firm is one of the best and won`t just run your money down and be done. They are great at what they do.

Anonymous said...

Its not just CPS whose happy to steal children.
Here is a quote from the foster mother whom cps knows has dragged my child around by the neck. "She belongs to me now and nobody is going to see her." She told this to her biological brother.
This was said to the judge that ruled against her on a anti-harassment order "YOU CAN'T DO THAT I AM A FOSTER MOTHER!!!!"
I have never interfered or harassed this person, but when she saw me she flipped me off in front of her two foster children...

Anonymous said...

I am in the Seattle area and I am also in the same boat as you with my grandniece. Pam is aware of my case as are my other legislators. If you want to contact me maybe there are some things where I can help you and we can work together. I will have to post my comments in sections to inform you and others what I have found.

Actually I have an administrative pre-hearing coming up for these false allegations the beginning of August I would be more than happy to tell you about the case and let you participate if there is a way. My friend Jan Smith, who posted on this blog, also is one of your allies as well. She RAWKS!

It is important to find one another and share because DSHS keeps all their work and hearings "secret" supposedly to protect the child, when in reality it is to protect themselves and their doings, much of which is dirty and has nothing to do with "the best interest of the child" but in truth is about "the best interest of our wallets". This isolates those going through it from one another so we think we are all alone.
Thanks to Senator Roach, we are finding one another.

In the last section of my postings here you will find how to contact me and I welcome all relatives dealing with this issue (and parents) who are enduring this agony. Put in your subject line "Pam Roach's Blog"

Cat in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Since CASA is just another CPS/DSHS rubber stamp even though they have received MILLIONS a year (King Co alone last year got over $26,000,000) to be "independent", they are not, and because of their fraudulent claims to being an advocate for the child and taking money to do so, in truth they are merely rubber stamping DSHS, so they and their buddies ensure most little children have nobody to defend them. Indeed these %#$@& CASA workers go into Dependency court with a lawyer for THEMSELVES, to hell with the child or the relative that has given all they had to the child they love.

See, while you were caring for this little one, DSHS was receiving $8000 per month while you got little or nothing for their support. I am beginning to see that with relative care because it is cheap and they get to keep all that money, they are "parking" kids with relatives and then finding excuses to take them, where they will receive even more money after they traumatize a kid for life by taking them and then quickly adopt them out so you will never see them again. Taking kids and selling them is common DSHS M.O. ~ and I am not exaggerating.

It is difficult for us to find one another but not impossible. The more isolated they keep us, the better as they work in the dark collecting all that dough on the backs of little kids. We need a class action lawsuit, which unfortunately will not help the kids these nimrods have damaged for life by taking them from the only homes they know and the one person who adores them, no strings attached ~ but it could prevent this from happening to future kids. And who knows? For the present time with our own cases, the more people showing up as support for one another in Family and Administrative courts for relatives, the better. Give them OUR version of a damn dog and pony show !

You can contact me at: mntleo2 AT Yahoo DOT com. Perhaps we can talk by phone and I can at the very least be support for you.

Again thank-you Senator Roach, you are a blessing. And take care Grandfather, know you are not alone. I am also in agony and know of what you speak.

Take care,
Love, Cat

Anonymous said...

My stepsons CASA was just taken off of the case because the GAL who was supervising her said that she was too involved in the childs life. In other words she was making it hard for them to steal the child from his mother and couldnt be allowed to get in the way. This is all making me ill and it has to be stopped!!!