Thursday, July 22, 2010

Business Leaders Support Pam Roach...She Stands Up For A Strong Economy

The economy is the biggest issue of this campaign cycle. I have been endorsed by both business and labor...but right now I will focus on business. It is always interesting to me that organizations like the Seattle Muni-League and some newspapers never seem to look at or take direction from what ordinary citizens think about me. But, we know this....small business is the engine of the state's economy.

I received the WA Retail Assn.'s endorsement yesterday and they said:
"We believe you would protect the rights of retailers from too much government regulation and over taxation." Indeed, that is what I have been doing for my time in office.
I am grateful to the men and women who dare to open a compete in the free market place...who recognize my hard work for our economy.
Pam's endorsement's include:

Association of WA Business (100% rating)

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Washington Retail Association

Seattle King County Realtors

WA State Veterinary Association

WA Restaurant Association

WA State Farm Bureau

Pierce County Sportsmen’s Council

Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound

Master Builders of Pierce County
Pierce County Affordable Housing Council
And many, many more!

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