Friday, July 30, 2010

DSHS Accountability Needed

I am one of a very few Senators to have been appointed chair of a committee in the freshman year. In 1991 I chaired the Children and Family Services Committee (which was dissolved when the Democrats took control). As chair I had purview over all of DSHS and many other things. I was the first one to propose legislation to break-up DSHS. It is not a new idea. And, it won't happen unless you have a willing governor.

A reader writes: I suggest you..Break DSHS up into 4 ( or more) manageable smaller agencies that will be accountable for its actions. The state of Washington agreed to pay more than $6 million to former foster children in the Delon home when Tyler Deleon was starved to death by his CPS approved foster mother, in 2005. This is a system so huge no one can manage it. The 6 million should still be in the budget and this little boy should still be alive..

A word of caution: Secretary Susan Dreyfus likes this idea. But, she would drive CPS into private hands. This would not be a good idea as it would remove the transparency that exists within government. Right now information can be gotten by the press and legislators who care to ask questions. That would not be possible in a private system. If you are in charge of CPS you would love this new system. Parents, families, anad voters will not have what is needed until families have standing in the courtroom and government people who lie are fired.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps DSHS should not be Gov Gregiors baby. You can not have someone that evil and deceitful ruling the lives of children and families. Look what she has done to our state much less our families. Good luck on the election

Anonymous said...

Another Grandchild adopted out to "foster to adopt" another Grandparent and sibling suffering for the loss of their family member in Stevens county.

This was Tyler DeLeon's home town and they (CPS) are still at it. I do not understand why .The only reason I can come up with is MONEY. I'm sure that this state will keep doing this until....thats the scary thought when will this end!!!! I think I know the answer - Even if CPS gets split as long as federal dollars are the incentive to remove kids they (they meaning CPS) will keep it up and more families will suffer.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice the intentionally misleading titles of our so called Social Justice Institutions;such as:

Planned Parenthood!

They do not have anything to do with planning to be a parent...

They have everything to do with birth control, they dispense contraceptives(birth prevention) and abortion(genocide)referrals.

CPS or as they are known in Washington. The Department of Children and Family Services.

They do not protect children or provide equitable services for families; They commit perjury and fraud to destroy family's so that children are made into state chattel and sent to "Foster Hell"
Even worse is that they deny abuse or neglect that many times more often occurs in foster care.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the family member in Stevens County. It`s MONEY! There is no other logical reason to describe how ANY employee of cps could look at some of these cases and either ignore what`s going on or make excuses. What good would it do to even break the system down into smaller parts? The coverups will continue because there are no consequences for even breaking laws. The ONLY way things will ever change is to have someone willing to make the employees follow their own policies, procedures, and especially the Wa. State laws.

Anonymous said...

So how do we change things? Why are the things allowed to go on like they do? Now we all agree we have a serious problem here and it is time that these workers selling our children go to jail or at the very least get fired and pay the parents and children for the damage they have done. I live in tacoma and I am having problems also getting my daughters half sibling whos parents are requesting that i be the placement. That is why the Adoption hearings are kept private online. It is time to stop the maddness. I am one of the parents that they like to spit on that receives the TANF grant and food benefits. What they forget to mention is that I am required to do 36 hours of community service a week or my benefits will be reduced by 40%. This is slavery!!!! If I worked 36 hours a week making minumum wage I would make over $1000.00 a month. Then on top of that they charge the father child support and say that is to repay the TANF grant too. I thaught a grant was somthing that didnt have to be paid back? I am willing to help in any way possible so if you need my help email me at

Tonda Queen of the cubicle said...

Still fighting our case for our niece. We have evidence that she was removed from us for monetary gain to social worker and or state office. DCFS is doing their own internal investigation, yeah, like they are really going to help, more like cover up!! Hoping review helps, if I can get info to him!! Considering bringing in the FBI. Who can help?