Saturday, August 14, 2010

Radio Host, John Carlson, Endorses Pam Roach

John Carlson has his eye on the ball! He sees the good things that I do in the district and that I "VOTE the district."

Not all media makes endorsements on whether or not your votes cast match the will of the majority of the people in your district. And, not all media care what else you do as an elected official to "magnify" your civic responsibility. John does.

"Three Strikes and You're Out" and "Hard Time for Armed Crime" were two initiatives that I prime sponsored, first, as legislation in Olympia. Working with John and others, we started the efforts in Olympia...knowing that liberal Democrats would kill my bills. But, we also knew that the people wanted the measures passed!

Working with media activists like John, is just one way I have been able to make Washington a better place for families.

Thanks, John!

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