Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hell Has Frozen Over....

Democrats endorsing Pam Roach? Yes, hell has frozen over
Posted By Cheryl Tucker on September 21, 2010 at 7:00 am Share this

First we had Republican Steve Vermillion endorsing Democratic incumbent state Rep. Dawn Morrell over Republican Hans Zeiger in the 25th district. (Read about it here.) Now three of the 31st district's most prominent Democrats are endorsing a Republican for state Senate – and Pam Roach at that.

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It's not that they like Roach all that much; in fact, they call their decision to endorse her a "painful" one. It's just that they really don't like her Republican opponent, Sumner City Councilman Matt Richardson.

Richardson has been in the news lately for questionable use of city e-mail and a website set up by a Roach supporter detailing allegations of personal misconduct.

The three Democrats are state Rep. Christopher Hurst, Yvonne Ward (who has twice run unsuccessfully against Roach) and Karen Willard (who ran unsuccessfully against Pam Roach's son Dan for state representative).

In their press release announcing their endorsement, the three Democrats essentially say that even with all her much-publicized outbursts, Roach is the better choice for the Senate seat since the two Democrats running for it were eliminated in the August primary. (We co-endorsed both Democrats, Raymond Bunk and Ron Weigelt.) Hurst, Ward and Willard make some serious charges against Richardson that we’re uncomfortable repeating here.


Anonymous said...

Now if we could get them to be just as choosy about foster parents.

Anonymous said...

Sound decision not to support Matt Richardson...end of story.