Friday, September 24, 2010

How Do You Think The Kids Are Feeling Right Now?

Dear Ms. Roach,

I am borrowing a friends computer, so please do not respond to this email address. I would appreciate a response at, thanks.

On October 28, 2009, I took my daughter to the doctor at Children's Hospital for flu like symptoms. Upon weighing her and doing some blood work, I was informed that my daughter was suffering from malnutrition and her and my son were removed from my custody and placed in foster care.

When this action occurred I lost ALL income as they are receiving Social Security compensation due to my husband's death in July of 2004.

I have had my phone shut off, my electric may soon be shut off and I am over $2,000.00 behind on my lot space rent so may also be losing my home in the very near future.

I have tried every agency I know to try to get some help. I am scared because if I lose my home, I will also lose my kids.

Is there anything you can suggest for me to do, or someone that can give me a direction to save my home and my family.

I don't think I would be able to mentally or emotionally maintain employment. I am scared, alone, and I miss my children.

Is there something that can be done? Is there someone I can contact? I really am at my wits end as I have tried every available agency I personally know of to get help for this situation.




LittleT38 said...

Do not believe for one second those tyrants took this mom's children because they were concerned about weight. Once they realized these children were getting SSI, the bells & whistles rung loud.
I am outraged this is allowed to happen without any accountability to the kidnappers or the foster parents, who are aiding this terrible injustice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,
This is utterly rediculous that the department can take someons's children because the child is under weight. I just think back like 55 years ago and if my parents would have had to take my sister to the hospital and they would have been reporting to CPS at that time then we would have all been taken from my parents as she was skinny all her life and she certainly was not starved. She was way healthier than some of her classmates, never sick a day in her life, she weighed 89 pounds and was 5'6" and 23 years old the mother of two boys when she was killed by a driver that was on drugs and drunk. She always ate anything that she wanted to eat but was always thin, so my point is that just because someone is thin does not mean that they are malnutrition.This is just sick,sick sick that these people can ruin families and childrens lives and if it takes me all the rest of my life I will see that this is exposed, even if I have to make up packets and take them around to educate people as to what is going on and even to stand out by Walmart or somewhere and hand out fliers so the word gets out to get something done. I have already educated a lot of people and opened their eyes. Please help this woman and others. The department is very CORRUPT and cares nothing about these children, it is all about the money.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

"I don't think I would be able to mentally or emotionally maintain employment. I am scared, alone, and I miss my children."

While I feel for this mother she needs to buck it up and get a job! I was a single mother who raised two kids and I worked full time... the SSI I received for my kids was a supplemental income for my kids… not for me to live on... it was never meant to support the family... get a clue lady... get a job like the rest of us. SSI is not the way out for your easy life! If you’re not mentally or emotionally able to work then maybe you shouldn't have your kids back. Maybe if you have a job you could feed your kids and they wouldn't be suffering malnutrition.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I have been talking about. Was removal even necessary? No, this should be an in home dependency. If the nutritional deficit is caused from poor meal planning, couldn't that be addressed through life skills assistance? How do they know it is even from negligence? She might just be microwaving a lot of items. If she is on the west side of the state, I will take her case.
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families

unhappygrammy said...

To Jan Smith, You are awesome for offering to take this mother's case. Why isn't there anyone in NH like you willing to help parent's? You are a true God Send!

Anonymous said...

Goodwill Industries is a good place to go for work when one is having a meltdown. There is job training and many relatively stress free jobs available for a displaced homemaker. Because you know that your home loss is coming down the pike, make sure and get on some subsidized housing lists. There is housing funding for people with CPS issues. You must be in compliance with the department willing to say that they are working towards a return home.

Anonymous said...

CPS can’t win if they do and they can’t win if the don’t…. The comments here remind me of a story that was recently published in the Seattle Times about a child that was not removed from the home and died of malnutrition even though there were multiple calls to CPS.

So… why are you all jumping to conclusions about this mother and CPS decision without knowing all the facts?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above you are most likely a CPS shill.
CPA ignores actual abuse and neglect they prefer children in harms way because it is good for their business and when they do get involved they intentionally fail children often intentionally placing in harms way be cause it is good for their business.
Furthermore their exists no bad press for CPS they even capitalize on their intentional failures by claiming that they are overworked and under budgeted.
I do not know what planet you are from but their business is the exploitation, victimization and trafficking of innocent babies.
The fact that they separate and destroy families give them an extra vicarious masochistic thrill..


Anonymous said...

Ms Anonymous,
There are some glaring differences. One is that the mother sought out help from the doctor when she thought something was wrong. This indicates to me that something is going on that is not easily discerned with eating and nutrition patterns.
For example, if a family gets into the habit of eating pasta out of a can (spaghetti, ravioli etc) and/or eating at McDonalds, it won't be long before some problems begin to show up. The word Malnutrition is not clearly defined with doctors and at what point do they determine the child is in danger? Most of us on the raped end of CPS come to realize that accusations are frequently and blatantly inaccurate. Most of us involved with CPS as parents, grandparents, and other relatives have lists of blatant lies, acts of omission, false documentation etc. and are often highly skeptical of anything they come up with. Just because you haven't been at the brunt of their predatory behavior doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Anonymous,
Does it ever occur to you why people know CPS are liars. Probably, because people are personally aware of their behavior and that is not just parent's or grandparent's. They have kidnapped children from school who were not "in danger", they have lied to the public and have placed healthy babies in foster care who would have been well cared for by relatives. What do you ususally hear "they were abused or neglected" now really use your brain and ask yourself how a healthy baby who went directly from a hospital room to foster care was abused or neglected unless this happened in foster care and want to place blame somewhere else? Now, use your brain!

Anonymous said...

The facts are: there was obviously no due process. No investigation, no hearing, no right to an attorney to name just a few. Anytime a child is taken "because they can" and so fast, you must have bells going off somewhere. That is why everyone is responding so fast without the facts; there are NO facts.

Anonymous said...

You don’t know me or have any idea what I have been through as a result of some hateful vindicate lies so get off your high horse and stop judging me. If a child goes to the ER and the trained professional feels the child is not being cared for it is their duty to report it to CPS. Doctors and nurses aren’t wasting their money going to school for years and years to just assume a child who is skin and bones is not being cared for. They must have had a good reason to report their suspicion.

Miss Sugar said...

When asked if I surrendered my babies under duress I responded "yes sir I was offered a visit with them after 3 years of separation." He still allowed the adoption, and the visit took place just as I said for the record.

Is this legal?

Anonymous said...

OMG we need more attorneys to help parents fight these liers in CPS