Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Child A Month Dies Under The "Care" Of CPS

Today I will be going to the editorial board of the News Tribune in Tacoma. It is my job is to justify my existence to them. Hmmmm...maybe there should be an interview with CPS leaders. Are they accountable? Are they following the law? Are they lying in court? Have they brought down the death toll?

A reader wrote yesterday:
A child has been beaten to death here in Region 2 and the scuttle butt is there was a CPS referral made shortly before his death that he had a black eye and it was screened out.How many children must die before we do something to make a actual child protection system that works not the one we have now that just leaves in it's wake death and mass destruction to families

labor interview in Olympia
side trip to the Public Disclosure Commission
lunch in Tacoma with car dealers
interview with Tribune
gang workshop with the Attorney General, also in Tacoma
meeting at a coffee shop with potential donor
doorbell in Buckley


Anonymous said...

k..where are the young people in that list? They all sound like typical special interest groups

Anonymous said...

Where is region 2? This seems like business as usual. They just plain "dont give a shit". No disrespect ment but thats it in a nutshell. They wiil investigate nothing, do nothing, nor accept resonsability for ANYTHING. How many families need to be destroyed? How many children need to die?

Anonymous said...

Answer to your questions :

Are they accountable? NO

Are they following the law? NO

Are they Lying in court? YES

Have they brought down the death toll? NO

They are doing all of this for the State Funding that they recieve for adopting these Children out and breaking up families.Also for the funding from the Support money that they recieve from our tax dollares that they collect from the parents of these children that they take away and for every dollar they collect they recieve $2.40, wouldn't this be triple dipping? And guess where this comes from. Yes you guessed it's the same federal funding as they get for the adoption dollars.

Anonymous said...

Buying BEER before 2AM deadline of more importance to THREE, 3, Adults than the safety of 2 children:
With every child that dies because of the criminally negligent performance of Washington State's Child Protective Services, I still grieve at the loss of my firstborn grandchild, Nathan Tavenner. Had CPS followed up on MULTIPLE COMPLAINTS over Nathan's short lifespan of 5 yrs., he would be ALIVE & 24 yrs. old today. CPS believed it was better to keep dope dealing welfare mothers together with their children than with family who could take him OUT OF THE SYSTEM to be given a NORMAL life & true love.
What these stories don't tell you is that Stephanie Hamilton thought it was cute to teach Nathan, age 3, to say, "Pass the bong bitch!"
THAT she moved around regularly to keep ahead of law enforcement because of her drug dealing;
THAT I last saw Nathan just before he turned 1 yr. old because she wanted me to pay her $150.00 to see him. I had been taking him every Friday after work & keeping him until Sunday evenings. I wouldn't pay her, which I regret to this day, not that CPS would have cared.
Family Attorneys wanted a MINIMUM OF $5000.00 UP FRONT & could promise nothing.
Based upon the stories of men I worked with who were paying out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to see their children of druggie mothers, I knew our children were HOSTAGES TO A Dysfunctional, CORRUPT, GREEDY SYSTEM.
The stories I could tell of Caseworkers & Guardian Ad Litems would not make this agency seem any better but a further danger to our children. ONE! "NORMAL" Competent Caseworker in 5 years, and clearly, she had to help us to the detriment of her career by working around "policy." ALL other caseworkers were incompetent, I am assuming due to following policies, but 1 was a straight up liar, and a guardian ad litem who had mental health issues. And no, there is nothing that can be done about these employees. They are protected by their UNIONS & their employer & a legal profession without morality or ethics.
Please follow Terry Morrison on Facebook. He is documenting the abuses & negligence of CPS agencies nationwide. Our case is not the exception. It is THE PATTERN.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SENATOR ROACH for being the Watch Dog on a most insidious & dangerous agency!

Anonymous said...

Had CPS followed up on MULTIPLE COMPLAINTS over the short lifespan of 5 years, my first born grandchild, NATHAN TAVENNER, would be ALIVE & 24 years old.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Stephanie Hamilton moved regularly to keep ahead of law enforcement due to her drug dealing & CPS KNEW THIS:
We reported to CPS that she taught Nathan at age 3 to say, "Pass the bong bitch."

Anonymous said...

Oh, there were FAR MORE THAN 11 or 15 Complaints lodged against Stephanie Hamilton! EVERYWHERE she moved neighbors reported her to CPS! OVER 5 years of complaints! Could they ALL be wrong, these unrelated persons who didn't know each other??

Anonymous said...

NO JUSTICE for Nathan, Alisha, and thousands of other children & their loved ones:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Senator Roach for allowing me to keep Nathan & Alisha's memory alive. Someday we hope to be able to protect our children from the very agency that negligently allows for their deaths & keeps their families POWERLESS to protect them from horrific harm & death.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what it could be like if we had child welfare that sees children for what they are and not as commodities.
CPS should not exist because to have child welfare with it own child police is an inherent conflict of interest particularly when we have so many other Police Departments (PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS.)

You could compare child welfare to an apple picker. They pick all the nice shiny good apples to market while ignoring the small (those that fail to thrive,) bruised or fallen.

Anonymous said...

One child dies every six months due to biological families.
The real tragedy is that CPS intentionally fails and is directly responsible for 6 to 8 times more deaths of innocent children.
This failure is deliberate indifference.
Their fraud is not tolerable...

jpdion932 said...

I would love to hear from you Senator Roach. I am having a very serious problem with CPS and even though I have detailed it for the court it is of no importance to them at all. I am the parent my children were taken from. I have never hurt any child in my entire life and never would. My children have said I have not hurt them. The court gave them to another one of my grown children. She lies to CPS and knows just how to do it. My placed daughters are at risk. It is obvious. I have written and written. CPS lied so much I could not believe they could even get away with it. There is documentation that counters what they said. They do not have to worry as long as they can get the cooperation of a Guardian ad Litem. They also know how to do what they want. My son was caught in the lies of my eldest daughter in 2003. She, CPS and the courts hurt him so bad. They cut him off from me. They were going to use him again this time and he could not bear it. He hanged himself 6-10-10 rather than go through it again. I need a lawyer and to make CPS accountable for their lies. I hope you have a suggestion for me. Perhaps interested expert witnesses that I could list to help me get a lawyer to bring action forward. I did not stand a chance in the courtroom. I was shocked at what was done. Any reform must also include video, not just sound recordings, of what goes on in the family court.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad, and telling, that so many people have to remain anonymous in order to protect themselves from CPS retaliation? CPS has once again failed my children and dismissed a dependency that had them protected from their abusive father. CPS and the state came to a settlement agreement with the abuser (dismiss or I will sue you) and has now put my children back in to the hands of the abuser. These children are suicidal as a result but the state simply does not care. What can I do to protect them when the courts, both juvenile and superior, simply and continuously fail to protect them?

Miss Sugar said...

A little less talk and ALOT more action is what I want from WA state DCFS. And for people to understand that even after a child is relinquished and the state has placed them in an adoptive home and everything has calmed down, there is still a mother in desperate need of therapy, guidance. I didnt need any "Services" until now. But theres no one here to offer them, since i have no babies for them to steal.

Anonymous said...

I am not afraid of CPS they have already defrauded me out of my lifes blood.
They committed innumerable felonies, forged documents and lied to send my beautiful daughter to "Foster Hell" where i proved she was being both physically abused and neglected.
The department sneaked in an ex-parte
adoption to this horrible person before my rights were even terminated and are now illegally trying to help this person get a no-contact order...
I prevailed on the first no contact order but it was still used as evidence to terminate my parental rights.
I use to wonder how they slept at night, but like Hitler they have no problem...

Terry W. Morrison
24680 Cloverland Rd.
Asotin,Washington 99403

Aka Lovingfitfather

As long as I have breath in my body I will expose and blow the whistle on them and hopefully they will be made accountable for the crimes they daily commit with malice and forethought.
"American Family Rights Asoociation."