Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Night Thanks

Wow! When we started this race I had no idea the twists it would take. But, this race was one where I have never had as much support. Thanks so much to everyone who helped on my reelection campaign.

Husband Jim did a great job putting up the 50+ 4x8 foot signs that lined the highways of the district. It is actually fun finding the spots and seeing the signs up in the 15 hours of summer daylight! Hmmmm, I never asked Jim is this was fun for him!

Eileen, my CPA treasurer, was so wonderful. I was most careful to make sure everything was on time and correct. Rule: Keep your treasurer happy!

Opposition researchers: In the end it came down to iron clad info on the opponent. Someone has to dig up the sometimes hard to get records; reckless driving, black eyes to others, teacher reprimands, crimes against children, etc. Those that stepped forward did so on their own. And, the findings were stunning.

Community support: Wow! Pre-primary the endorsements from community leaders included five mayors and many local elected officials, State Attorney General Rob McKenna, King County Councilmembers, church leaders, state employees, farmers, working people and business leaders....I humbly thank those who stepped forward when caucus leaders were doing everything they could to take me out.

Major moving parts:
1.Consultants Minnick and Minnick (brilliant TV ads and tasteful hit pieces);
2.Self emergent bloggers ( won awards I heard), the Horse's Ass...thanks Goldie for the quote of the campaign, etc., campaign web guy for;
3.Press coverage (all TV stations, the Times, Tacoma News Tribune, (exception...two of The Reporter Papers had a policy that conveniently tried to help my opponent...subject for another blog entry),
4.Organizational endorsers (NRA, unions,local Republican leaders, etc., they move blocks of voters);
5.Doorbellers (Auburn Firefighters, Rainier School employees, personal friends;
6.July BBQ event planners (350 attended) and dozens of volunteers;
7.Fundraiser hosts and hundreds of contributors;
8.Representative Christopher Hurst, my twice former opponent attorney Yvonne Ward, Democrat Party official Karen Willard...these three prominent Democrats took the unusual step of endorsing me after the nature of my opponent became known.
The people of the 31st District became more important than the partisanship. Our ways may part over issues, but not on the final two choices in this race;
9.Those who were in the waiting...many people were willing to step up to defend me with testimonials;
10.And, I want to thank the voters. Our campaign team did all we could to get the word out. You informed yourselves, looked past the terrible and unfair attacks on me, and gave me your vote.

In return, I will continue to fight for your freedoms, our economic recovery, and our communities here at home. God bless us all.


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A Hearty Congratulations to you Senator Roach and we are so happy you are still in office even though we are not in your district.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sentor Roach
Grandma in Vancouver

Miss Sugar said...

fight for my fathers right to say goodbye to his grandchildren , he is dying and running out of time

this is just son still cries for him.