Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pam Roach Apologizes....

My aide, Brian, called this evening to ask how the evening had gone at a homeowner's meeting in Buckley. I was totally aghast! I had attended a 4 PM meeting with area principals in Auburn and at 5:30 headed for home. When he called I was like: "What?? Tonight!!???" I had the Google instructions but had not put the event date on the calendar. I am terribly sorry for this. I had been to three appointments today and headed home...but since it was not on the calendar there was no way I was getting there.

I don't want to presume I can have a second chance...but if the kind people at Golden Valley Estates will give me another one...I will bring all the refreshments. Again, I am very sorry.

NOTE FROM CONSTITUENT: I was attending a meeting this evening in my community (Golden Valley Estates) where you were to be the guest of honor, - - at 7 pm, but see you were blogging from another location at 6:49. We had around 30 folks here in Buckley, who waited patiently for you until well after 8 pm. We are disappointed, to say the least.

P.S. Brian was pretty bummed out too.

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strawberryblonde said...

This is good case for "cloning".
We love our Pam Roach!