Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Reader Asks Us About Psyc. Evaluations

"Can I get some input on psychological evaluations and results people have had? I`m hearing that it`s fairly routine that the dept. asks for evals. to be done. However, I haven`t heard a lot of good stories about the outcomes of them. I`m hoping to hear some good news."

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Lovingfitfather said...

It is said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" well "mental illness is in the mind of the controller"
Psychology is far from an exact science at what point is one considered dysfunctional and who really is qualified to make that determination. More often than not mental evaluations are self-serving to the party requiring them.
Most notable is CPS where you have a plethora of families loosing rights to their children based on mental issues that apparently never existed until CPS came a calling hmmm.

mgirl said...

If you agree to a psych eval AND agree to go to whomever the dept chooses, then you're screwed. It doesn't matter how "good" your report turns out. They get an advance copy of everything the social worker thinks about you, which predisposes them to think you're crazy or harmful. And they know which side their bread is buttered on.

If you must have an eval, I recommend having an independent one done instead. The dept will still scream that they need to have "input", but if you're paying, then you should be able to go wherever you choose.

I did one, at the Dr my "liar" said was good (meaning, the lesser of the evils, IMO). Nothing bad, but he didn't really write anything positive, either, and so the SW was able to twist his report to her liking. Now they want me to have a "parenting evaluation." I have my records, and I've read the two "letters of referral" that were sent to two different psychologists. Filled with lies, gross exaggerations, and completely irrelevant comments! The only way I will agree is if I choose from their list, and I get the eval and a preliminary report BEFORE the dept gives them ANY of their propaganda against me. I don't know if they're going to agree to my terms or not, but that's it. There's NO WAY that any report could be truly honest or by a truly unbiased Dr after they've received their orders from the dept. I can't afford to go get my own evaluation.

The sad truth is it won't matter how the eval turns out, anyway; they have no intention of ever returning my children to me. Despite the fact that I've never abused my children, there's no history of even an allegation of alcohol or drug use, they hate me for my "political" views; i.e. that CPS Sucks and destroys families!

Anonymous said...

I would strongly recommend against it. Character assassination is the States bread and butter. They direct away from hard facts towards nebulous issues of "charecter" all the time as distractions. One of the most commonly heard complaints the ombudsman gets is that the State fails to change its behavior after a finding.

I also experienced the state playing games with the framing of the questions. In the end on paper the State sided with me but in action nothing changed. Year after year the original character attacks would resurface. My advices to you is that you have it privately done and not include the State at all. Get the result you want then have it there anytime they bring it up.

In my opinion trying to play their game, trying to appease them by taking classes or tests is pointless. It wont change their behavior and they have repeated shown they can and will ignore results they dont like.

Cheri Covert said...

Here in Region 2 I have grave concerns about anyone contracted by DCFS. For you see several years ago I was contacted by a group of therapists that were being made to falsify court documents or loose their contracts .When I heard their stories of recieving a call from Social Workers to write up reports on children they had never even seen and submit it to the courts I was in shock.
They wanted to come forward with this info but were to afraid of the careers being destroyed.
So to the best of my knowledge this is still happening.

Anonymous said...

in NH they have stopped doing them because of budget cuts , as well as trashing any family reunification programs , in my case my eval was glowing and they disregarded it , said we should be together , that was part of case plan follow recomendations of evaluators ....I was never tpred my child was 15 when they came in when she wanted to leave due to punishment with cell phone

Anonymous said...

cps and the courts have used "Narcissistic Tendencies" to reason a psych evaluation against a parent in terminatation of parental rights ...but

"What about the psychological effect on the child of removal from his home? Doesn’t a child have an attachment to his parents which forms the basis of who we are as human beings and the continuity of that attachment is essential? A break in this chain between parent and child could cause fear and anxiety, and diminish the child’s sense of stability.

We are all born narcissistic. As an infant, our world view is that everything and everyone is connected to us and exists to fulfill our needs. Another spike in our narcissistic tendencies occurs in adolescence. It is natural to be self-centered at this point in our development, but we are expected to grow beyond it. Healthy adults maintain a small amount of narcissism, but it stops far short of self-obsession.(author unknown)"

ME said...

Both DCFS and the "courts" have somehow legislated all on their own that an "eval" is somehow to be construed as a SERVICE, contrary to legislative intent. I keep asking how this can be so? Nobody will answer! "Services" are CLEARLY defined in statute. "Remedial... correct IDENTIFIED parental deficiencies. "Pych eval and psychosexual eval are NOT EVEN IMPLIED! The social workers are so bold as to say "we need an eval to DETERMINE what services we can offer!!"

There IS NO AUTHORITY to force a man or woman to undergo this insidious invasion of privacy and self-incrimination. "Everything you say WILL be used against you." That's a fundamental right reaffirmed and secured by the supreme court in the Miranda ruling, and is very relevant in CPS cases. They call it "civil", but in reality you ARE facing "loss of life, limb and freedom" - which are CRIMINAL punishments.

Does anybody remember that the Washington Constitution says at Article 15: "No conviction shall work corruption of blood, nor forfeiture of estate." Tell me how does kidnapping kids and terminating parental rights NOT tragically violate this fundamental right??

In my case, they kidnapped the kids for no articulable reason. Then they said I had an old accusation (NOT "conviction", just a MERE ACCUSATION!) against me. How does that affect a new baby with a new wife?? Well, they know it doesn't, so they just said "no parent available" (and conveniently dropped off the rest of that definition), and proceeded. The ONLY "service", aside from their stupid and worthless "parenting class", was the psych eval and psychosexual evaluation! WTF? First it's NOT a "service". Second there is NO "identified parental deficiency." Third they have NOT offered ANY services to help us because we do not need their help and they know it. Fourth, they took the kids without a hearing and without making efforts to prevent removal - this was a FIRST ENCOUNTER with CPS, then never gave us opportunity to appear to defend, and now there is absolutely NO reason on their papers stated as to why they are keeping my son. So, since they have no reason, and I haven't surrendered my rights and taken the eval, they declare openly "we DON'T KNOW if he is safe around children" (even though there is no accusation of abuse!), and now they want a TPR because they haven't found any evidence against me in 3 YEARS!

ME said...

I have proven conclusively in my case that "evaluations" are PURE BULLSHIT designed ONLY to give an EXCUSE to harm the family! There is no other purpose. If one doesn't exhibit open and obvious signs of mental health issues, WHAT JUSTIFIES a mental evaluation?? If one IS NOT accused AND CONVICTED of sexual abuse OF THE CHILD TAKEN, then what justifies imposing a pyschosexual evaluation? Look in the statutes. In criminal cases, this can only be imposed as sentencing and probation requirements AFTER CONVICTION! It is a SERIOUS invasion of privacy. So how do they think a non-trial WITHOUT the protection of a jury, but with government paid defense attorneys, government paid social workers, government paid prosecuting attorneys, government paid CASA, government paid witnesses, government paid foster parents, and GOVERNMENT PAID JUDGE when government revenue is at stake can possibly be construed as a "conviction" of anything??!?

In my case, they didn't even raise the issue of the ONE old and unproved ACCUSATION regarding my former family, other than to say the accusation was once made. There were no current allegations, so how was that old accusation relevant? And I wasn't "convicted" of ANYTHING other than BEING ACCUSED a LONG TIME AGO!

The ONLY reason they won't return my son is the evaluation. How is that logical, rational, or even LEGAL?? A mere evaluation can be done as "in home services" (IF one can somehow manage to justify calling an eval a "service".)

Taking and keeping a child merely because the parent doesn't submit to an evaluation is INSANE.

"Knock knock"
"Do you have kids?"
"Here's our demand that you get an eval. Give me your kids now, and when you bring proof of satisfactory completion of the eval, we will return your kids."

If due process is to be killed, I say we start with social workers first! Just put them ALL in prison simply because we all know that they HAVE harmed a child somewhere in their career. Problem solved.

CPS Social Work is organized crime.

Child traffickers
Child abusers
Sadistic fiends
Menace to society

I am Mark Edward of the Berty family. I demand the dismantling of CPS and imprisonment of all its child abusing, family wrecking social workers!

Anonymous said...