Sunday, November 15, 2009

CPS...Open Your Doors...Our Children Are Being Hurt Under Your Watch

It really makes me sick that we do not have the kind of open system that will allow the public to help government work correct be accountable without a citizen having to sue AFTER a child is killed or abused.


Yesterday's story about a twice convicted sex offender, Grandpa, being allowed to have placement of his preteen granddaughter has got to be up there for the "Who is the crazy one?" award. Is it the grandpa or the people that fed him the child? A second place may go to the Department of Corrections which did not keep the offender from this child.

This story should not have been buried in a Saturday paper. The fact that the parole officer warned CPS about this guy and placed anyway IS NEWS!

The fact that CPS did not do it's homework on the placement family or didn't newsworthy given the outcome and given how often this happens!

It is particularly newsworthy because of the government induced horror the little girl suffered. It is newsworthy because it cost the taxpayers $1.7 plus the court fees, plus the agency staff time, plus the lawyer fees, plus the counseling the girl will have for years, etc... and, of course, Grandpa's court fees will have to be paid. He is a third time offender. How about Granny? Do we think she knew what was going on?


Anonymous said...

Pam - Isnt the AG in this state a member of your party ? How about a nudge in his direction to get the caseworker involved prosecuted. How about his office suing those caseworkers for 1.7 million they're negligence cost us.. Carrot doesnt work with these people..if we want them to change their behavior its time to use the stick..

Anonymous said...

This is oh,so,so,familiar. They didn't do their "homework" on the man who is STILL walking after molesting my daughter. I was kept in the dark for 5 months while a detective has worked TIRELESSLY on my child's case.

Again,both children abused. Which is ILLEGAL in foster homes and CPS did nothing.

I wish the entire world knew my story but I have to keep it under my hat until this journey is over.

CPS is all B.S. and I hate the fact that they get paid to ruin innocent lives. (Erm,With whose money ?) Take our constitutional rights and walk all over them and throw them out the window.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, nothing that CPS does is surprising. It is downright sickening the behavior this agency has engaged in.

Christy said...

People that would like to make this a top story take it upon yourself and call your local radio station. Pam please call your local radio station and bring it up.

Anonymous said...

It seems like CPS will use a criminal history against a parent when it suits them even if it is not relevent to a childs nuturing or saftey on the other hand they will intentionally obfuscate a relevent criminal history if it suits their malficent agenda. I know of an individual who has been charged 21 times with trafficking in cocaine and was on active parole and CPS had no problem giving him custody of his two year old child.
In my case I had one felony drug conviction 25 years ago which they used to claim I have a criminal history.
I know of another case where the mother a crack addict has abandoned her children six times over a ten year period while on drug binges and CPS has given her children back every time.
Pam Roach has stated that CPS seems to keep children from good placements while most often placing them in harms way. They have a history of keeping themselves in business by intentionally failing children.

Anonymous said...

There are so many cases like this that we do not hear about. I find it odd that so many family placements that should have never been make the news and. so few non relative placements that are really bad are never exposed.
It should be mandatory that every case of abuse in out of home placements be available to the public.
We are the ones paying for all these settlements. We should know exactly where our tax dollars are going and why!

mgirl said...

"They have a history of keeping themselves in business by intentionally failing children."
Exactly. They aren't overworked/understaffed; they're EVIL.