Monday, November 23, 2009

Reader Asks Why There Are No Apologies By CPS

What I don't understand is that the State is so willing to pay out million dollar settlements but still have yet to apologize to those families who have lost a relative to a foster/adopt couple needlessly and warrantless through CPS! Why? Why doesn't the State legislatures pass an amendment to apologize to families who have wrongfully lost relatives to foster/adopt couples through CPS?

Dear Reader: There are no apologies because government never admits it is wrong. A court may tell it that it is wrong, the legislature may clarify law so that it is harder for government (or individuals) to do what is wrong...but government will never admit wrongdoing. They want to keep all awards to the minimum and allow for maximum self-protection in the future.

In fact, from what I have seen, government backs up government even in court and when reasonable people knew or should have known what they were about to do was wrong. In the Stuth Case...the government, both CPS and the AG knew that little Alexis had been removed, for cause, from the foster woman the night before the case was to be over. But...the state still argued for termination and placement not with the grandparents..but with the woman with the bad past who had had Alexis removed from her fro cause. That is pretty sick, folks.


Anonymous said...

If CPS admitted it was at fault, it would get their politically elected bosses fired by their bosses, the people who elected them. Where CPS is run by counties that's the county supervisors; where, it's run by the state, it's the governor, that refuses to apologize.

Anonymous said...

Well what people may not understand is that my vote will always place the blame at the very top. My vote right now also places the blame on both the Republican and Democratic party.