Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Noon And Farm Fresh Eggs

I am enjoying life.

Last night the girls in the family saw New Moon. Everyone agreed that we liked Jacob best. He had a personality...and other attributes. Edward was very boring and had two repeated lines: "I love you and you will never see me again," and, "I can't live without you." You see where that takes you.

Coincidentally, I was sitting next to a Department of Health employee who told me my aide had called her that day. He was researching a letter I am writing about teen suicide. She recognized my voice in the dark of the theater.

I gave a speech once at a national convention on the subject of teen suicide so I know something about it from my own research. They hear about it...decide it is a good way out...and give it a try. Let's see if we have girls jumping off cliffs into cold water after this movie. I don't think boys will be revealing themselves before the vampire counsel to do themselves in.

Today we took some pride in our truly farm fresh eggs and Jim's blackberry jam as a part of breakfast. Tractor arrives Monday or Tuesday. We will be having a campaign fundraiser here at the farm next summer.


Anonymous said...

what is the suicide rate for children residing in foster care?

Anonymous said...

The suicide rate for foster children is extremely high. Recently an attorney friend was telling me about a little guy that hung himself in a tree. He was saved by a guy riding a bicycle by By the Grace of God at the right moment. All he wanted was to go home to his mom. Pretty sad that nobody would listen to a child before he got to the point of not wanting to live. He was being abused in the placement and nobody believed him.It was such a bad situation that the hospital called in an abuse report on CPS. Bet it was marked for information only!